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Which Currency Converter is the Most Trusted

Which Currency Converter is the Most Trusted?

There are several online currency converters. These include TransferWise, Xe, and Oanda. Read on to find out which ones are the most reputable. You may even find one that’s free! If you’re looking to convert currencies, here’s a quick guide to choosing a currency converter. You can also customize your conversion rate, choose your favorite currencies, and view a historical graph. Currency converter apps let you convert fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies and provide a real-time rate fluctuation.



Wise is a currency converter that link real exchange rates from XE, Google, and Yahoo, and makes a local transfer to the recipient. Its fee is typically 0.5 percent or $1. The exchange rate that is guaranteed depends on the currency and country you are sending money to. Wise claims to be up to 8x cheaper than most banks. But is it really? Here’s a closer look.

Wise was originally called TransferWise, but has expanded to include money transfers. In addition to their currency converter, they offer a multi currency account and a MasterCard debit card. With low, transparent fees, Wise is among the most trusted currency converters, especially for transfers under $7000 USD. This currency converter also offers superior customer service. Wise’s most notable feature is that its fees are transparent, making it ideal for everyone, from the beginner to the seasoned investor.


XE is a leading provider of foreign currency solutions, including an exchange rate calculator. The currency rates on XE’s website are different from the mid-market rate and range from 0.5% to 2% lower. XE’s rates are updated regularly throughout the day and are typically better than those offered by major banks. Furthermore, XE offers forward contracts, which allow customers to lock in a specific rate ahead of time, Browse around this website.

Xe is known for its currency conversion services, and they offer great international money transfers. XE provides 65 different currencies to over 170 countries and is based in Canada. Xe was founded by Mark Ledsham, Steven Dengler, and Beric Farmer in 1993, and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. To use the Xe currency converter on the go, simply download their free mobile application from the Google Play or Apple store.


If you’re looking for a currency converter with a good reputation and high level of service, Oanda is worth considering. The company has been recognized with several industry awards for its sophisticated trading tools and world-class customer service. It also offers numerous trading opportunities and has an excellent regulatory history. This has earned Oanda the trust of traders worldwide. 


Oanda is the most popular currency converter online and incorporates most world currencies, including the SA rand. Its currency converter is fully customizable, allowing you to check currency history. In addition, you can print a cheat sheet of currency values for your travel plans. Oanda also features up-to-date exchange rates and a chart of the main currencies. You can even download Oanda’s app so you can view historical data in your preferred currency.