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Combining ancient wisdom with modern knowledge to create transformative experiences that REVITALIZE and restore BALANCE.

A Breathwork Session

The breath is a high form of technology for self-healing. It can help you to stay grounded, present and in your heart. Breathwork is part catharsis, part socially sanctioned adult temper tantrum, part community building and part psychedelic experience.




Our projects attract individuals who are interested in learning about a new practice to bring balance and stress relief into their lives.


The urban retreat is an annual project that takes place in New York City over the course of a weekend. Guests enjoy multiple immersive experiences.


When personal well-being is prioritized, individuals are better equipped to handle stress and make better work-related decisions.


  • The Uplift Project, Andrea Praet curates and produces events and experiences that are transformative for the mind, body and spirit. He is also the NYC head of production for The Shine Movement, a mindful variety show that inspires individuals to do more.

  • Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Katia came to New York City in 2005 to pursue graduate studies in Counseling Psychology at Columbia University. Upon graduating he served chronically mentally ill adults and later children in foster care.









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How to Buy Your Driver’s License

How to Buy Your Driver's License

When buying a new car, you may need to have your driver’s license. Most airlines require you to show your license along with your boarding pass. However, if you’ve lost your license or it’s expired, you can get a replacement copy from the Department of Motor Vehicles. Here are the steps to buy your license. Read on to learn more! Until then, make sure you keep your license updated!



Driver’s license fees vary by state. However, if you have an expired license and you are moving to another state, you will need to buy a new one. This is a necessary step to prevent criminals from obtaining a new license and driving without a license. Most states participate in the Driver’s License Compact, so if you move to a new state, your driving record will automatically follow.

A license suspension is a terrible thing that undermines public safety. It requires law enforcement to spend valuable time on traffic enforcement and other non-crimes that endanger lives. You can help end these temporary license suspensions by signing the Free to Drive petition and supporting the Driving for Opportunity Act. By pledging to sign the petition, you’re demonstrating your support for ending debt-based driving restrictions.


If you’re turning 16 and want to rijbewijs kopen, you have several options. The first option is to go to your state’s motor vehicle office. This office may go by different names, such as Department of Motor Vehicles, Motor Vehicle Division, Department of Public Safety, Secretary of State, or Motor Vehicle Agency. No matter which one you go to, you must first turn in any paperwork, including a photo, to the department.

You must also provide secondary identification, including your Social Security number, in order to receive a license. You must also have passed a traffic law or substance abuse course before applying for a license. You can find traffic school locations in your local phone directory. You can also go online and complete a short application form. It’s important to know your requirements before you apply, as there are some exceptions to some of these requirements.

Online process

If you have recently lost your driver’s license, you should be able to retrace your steps and get a replacement quickly. Whether you lost it on the street or at the DMV, you can apply for a replacement license online or in person. With the online process, you can provide your information from the comfort of your home. No need to make an appointment and you can complete the process at any time of the day or night.

Depending on your situation, you may be required to pay a fee for an expired license. This fee varies by state. If you move from one state to another, you must first get a new driver’s license in the state where you were originally licensed. Most states are part of the Driver’s License Compact, so your driving record will follow you to your new home. Online renewal services are a great way to purchase a new driver’s license in the state you currently reside.

Legal restrictions on buying a car without a driver’s license

If you don’t have a driver’s license, you may be wondering if it’s possible to buy a car without a license. The good news is that you can, but it will be a more complicated process. Even though you might face additional hassles, buying a car without a license is still possible. Read on for tips on how to make the process easier for you.

First, remember that you can’t legally drive a vehicle without a license. Most car dealerships will only let you drive a car if you have a learner’s permit or can bring a licensed driver to sign the papers. Moreover, without a license, you may not be able to register and insure the car. To make matters worse, many states have other laws that restrict buying a car without a license.

Types of Law Degrees

Types of Law Degrees

When it comes to a degree in law, there are many different types to choose from. These include the Juris Doctor, Master of Laws, Doctor of Juridical Science, and Legal Certificate Programs. Each degree has its own specializations and the choice of which to pursue should be based on the type of law you intend to practice. These degrees require specific training and a thorough understanding of the subject matter. This article will discuss the most common degrees and what they entail.

Juris Doctor

Juris Doctor

The requirements for a Juris Doctor law degree vary widely. In general, law school applicants should complete a minimum number of hours of classroom instruction each academic term. Additionally, they should complete mandatory courses during the first year of law school. The majority of states require that J.D. students take an English language competency course, which is usually in the form of the TOEFL. There are some exceptions, however. This article provides a quick overview of the requirements for a Juris Doctor law degree.

Unlike a Juris Master’s degree, a Juris Doctor law degree can be earned by graduates of many different disciplines. As such, it is a stepping stone to a legal career. Although the American Bar Association originally required that students hold a Bachelor’s degree, the law degree was later made a graduate-level degree. Some lawyers have professional skills and other backgrounds that are unrelated to law, such as business management or teaching.

Master of Laws

The Master of Laws (LLM) program is highly customizable to meet the needs of students interested in pursuing a career in the legal profession. The curriculum focuses on a variety of topics, such as legal analysis, writing, and regulatory and intellectual property law. The Master of Laws degree can also be earned by taking a specialization in one of these areas. In addition, the Master of Laws program also requires students to complete a comprehensive research paper.

After completing the core requirements for the program, LLM students can take four elective modules that further their interest in specific areas. They can complete a dissertation to present their own research. The Master of Laws program is designed to provide students with advanced legal research and writing skills, as well as the opportunity to critically evaluate complex legal issues in a global context. Courses will be taught in a mixture of on-campus and distance-learning formats, so students can study at their own pace and convenience.

Doctor of Juridical Science

The Doctor of Jurridical Science (D.J.S.) degree is a highly specialized degree. Its coursework focuses on research. It is important to identify your interests in research before beginning the application process. The majority of doctoral students spend their time defending their dissertation. In addition to researching their chosen area of study, doctoral students work with an advisor throughout their first year in the program. This advisor can help you determine the courses you will need to complete the degree.

A Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD) degree is an advanced degree in law that focuses on original scholarship under faculty supervision. Students completing this degree must produce publishable scholarship that makes a unique contribution to the legal scholarly literature. The program is primarily designed for individuals who plan to teach law, practice law, or engage in policy work. While a Doctor of Jurridical Science degree is not required for practicing law, it can enhance your career prospects in the legal field, Check out the post right here.

Legal Certificate Programs

Legal Certificate Programs

While a full law degree is the most common path to the bar exam, there are other opportunities to pursue specialized knowledge. For example, media law can provide a broad base of knowledge in areas such as intellectual property licensing, digital privacy rights, and media liability insurance. Upon graduation, a graduate of a legal certificate program in media law will be able to work in various roles in the media, including contract negotiation and attorney for hire.

Legal certification programs can also enhance professional credentials. These credentials help the candidate demonstrate their expertise in a field and are useful in attracting and maintaining clients. They can also earn respect from peers and enhance their public image. But it is important to note that legal certifications do not lead to a law degree and may be unrelated to the field. For these reasons, many students choose legal certifications over traditional degrees as a way to gain practical experience and gain an edge over others.

Importance of Additives in Paint

Importance of Additives in Paint

In paint formulation, there are several important ingredients to consider. These include Micaceous iron oxide, Rheology modifiers, Wetting agents, and hydrophobic surfactants. These components enhance the viscosity of paint and improve its appearance, durability, and flow. Listed below are some of the additives that improve paint’s performance. If you’re unsure of which additive to choose, read on to learn more.

Rheology modifiers

Rheology modifiers

Rheology modifiers, also known as viscosity modifiers, are chemicals added to liquid products to impart specific rheological properties. These chemicals are used to improve the efficiency of the final product, increase flow properties, decrease sedimentation of solid substances, and enhance sag resistance. This report provides an in-depth analysis of the rheology modifiers market. It also highlights trends and challenges affecting the market, check out this site.

Micaceous iron oxide

Micaceous iron oxide (MIO) is a common additive in paints. This anti-corrosive additive has been around for over a hundred years. It is the most effective barrier pigment, able to protect structural steel. This material is used more frequently in Europe than in the United States. Famous structures coated with MIO include the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Big Ben in London, the Sidney Harbor Bridge, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Wetting agents

Wetting Agents are substances used in paints to help increase the tinting strength and compatibility of pigments. A range of wetting agents was evaluated by Clariant for use in waterborne emulsion paints, solvent-borne alkyd lacquers, and low-PVC emulsion paints. Their efficacy is largely dependent on how well they can overcome the hydrophobicity of pigments.

Hydrophobic surfactants

The role of hydrophobic surfactants in paint comes from their ability to attract water molecules to the surface of the paint. This is a major factor in creating a high-shine finish on painted surfaces. Surfactants are also used in detergents, soaps, and household cleaners. They can be used in a variety of products and are useful for deinking recycled paper.

Dispersing agents

Dispersing agents are components of paints that help maintain the dispersion properties of pigment particles over time. They prevent pigment particles from flocculating, sedimenting, or changing viscosity. The choice of dispersant is important for color development and long-term shelf-life. Synthetic latex is an example of a dispersion, formed by polymerizing monomers. Radical primers stabilize the polymerization process, resulting in dispersed particles.

How Do You Get CBD Flower?

How Do You Get CBD Flower

If you’ve looked into CBD for health purposes, you may have seen a variety of different brands and products on the market. But which one is the best for you? The following are a few things to keep in mind. Read on to find out more. CBD is a relatively new and fast-growing industry, so there are hundreds of different products and brands to choose from. While there are some benefits of using CBD oil, finding the best product may not be as easy as you thought.



Inhalation of cannabis flower has been shown to reduce the intensity of symptoms in patients with various types of depression. In a study, the highest symptom intensity reduction was achieved by participants with agitation and irritability. The least significant symptom intensity reduction was achieved by users with anxiety and stress. Several benefits have been noted for the inhaled flower, and there is currently no medical evidence to support its use for chronic pain.

Cannabis contains several chemicals that are not only harmful to humans, but also the environment. Some of these chemicals mix with water used in the cultivation of plants, polluting soil, rivers, lakes, and oceans. Moreover, the harmful substances that are ingested through CBD flower are introduced into the body when it is smoked. Smoking cannabis flower is also associated with the risk of developing other health problems if you are consuming low-quality cannabis.

Vape pen

If you’ve ever wanted to try CBD flower, you might be wondering how to do it using a vape pen. Vapes have two main parts: a heating chamber and a mouthpiece. The heating chamber heats the flower material, and the vape’s mouthpiece releases vapor for inhalation. Both components require a power source. Vape pens can either use rechargeable batteries or plug-ins. The mouthpiece is an important aspect of the vaping experience, and it can vary greatly in material and length. Temperature control buttons are also common, though not available on every model.

Vaporizers can help you obtain high-quality CBD, but the flower can lose its taste if not stored properly. The vape pen also prevents browning, which is a natural side effect. You can also find a CBD vape pen from Pure CBD Vapors. The two options differ, but they all deliver the same CBD-infused vapor. Vape pens are an excellent option for first-time CBD users.


If you are wondering how to CBD Blüten kaufen edibles, you’ve come to the right place. You can find various CBD flower edibles in the market today, including dried flower and CBD oil. These can be added to recipes to add a new flavor or benefit. Depending on the type of edible, you can choose from either indica or Sativa. After you’ve decided which one you want, you can start preparing your own CBD flower edibles.

The most convenient way to consume CBD is through edibles. You can make CBD edibles using pure hemp oil or isolate. This isolate contains 99.9% pure CBD, making it perfect for those subject to regular drug tests. This type is also popular with professional athletes, as it does not appear on their drug test. Additionally, it is not considered a performance-enhancing drug by the World Anti-Doping Association. To get the most benefits from CBD flower edibles, be sure to read more about the benefits of CBD.

Hemp flower

When it comes to purchasing CBD flower, you may be wondering how to get it. As with any other hemp product, its concentration will depend on the hemp plant and the growing conditions. Many farmers use chemicals that are dangerous to other plants. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with the growing process of the CBD flower products you’re interested in. Also, make sure to opt for a brand that is certified organic. Organic farming practices will guarantee that the flower is free from harmful chemicals that may damage your body.

Hemp flower contains higher levels of CBG, a compound found in cannabis. This compound is known to have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and neuroprotective properties. There are several ways to consume hemp. It can be smoked or consumed as a supplement. Some people choose to roll it into a cigarette or pipe, which provides an immediate effect. Another method is to eat it raw or as a supplement.

5 Benefits of Compression Socks

5 Benefits of Compression Socks

Compression socks are useful for many reasons, including reducing swelling and increasing blood flow. They also help prevent varicose veins and improve blood pressure. You should talk to your doctor before wearing them. But here are a few things you should know about compression socks:

Reduces swelling

Reduces swelling

Compression wear reduces swelling by increasing blood circulation in the legs and reducing pressure on the underlying tissues. Swelling is a common symptom of Edema, a condition where excess fluids accumulate under the skin and can affect the feet, ankles, legs, or hands. Many reasons can contribute to edema, including allergies, physical injury, or poor blood circulation. Edema can restrict movement and be painful. It can also cause pits, which indicate pressure.

Increases blood flow

The benefits of wearing compression socks go far beyond comfort. Not only do they help improve blood flow, they can also help reduce the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles. In addition, they can help athletes recover more quickly from intense exercise. If you’re looking for ways to improve your performance, compression socks may be the answer. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider buying a pair. And if you’re not sure whether they’re right for you, check out these five benefits of wearing compression socks.

Prevents varicose veins

Although there are many options for treatment, conservative measures like compression stockings or socks may be sufficient enough to alleviate the symptoms and avoid invasive medical procedures. This article will explain how compression stockings work and what they do. Also, discover how you can wear them at home. By using compression stockings and socks, you can reduce the symptoms of varicose veins without the need for medical attention.

Increases blood pressure

The benefits of wearing compression socks go beyond the appearance. They also improve blood flow to the heart and muscles, increasing circulation. The Healthy blood flow helps our organs and muscles function optimally. Healthy blood flow helps the body fight potential diseases and transport white blood cells, which help keep our organs and bodies running efficiently. It also boosts waste removal from our bodies. But are compression socks really beneficial? Let’s find out.

Can cause skin irritation

Compression socks are often considered safe, but you should be careful to avoid excessive use and improper wear. Incorrect use of these socks can damage the skin or even cause infection. It is best to consult a medical professional before wearing these socks. Never wear these socks for days on end. Your doctor may recommend different types of socks, or he or she might prescribe you medical-grade compression socks. Always take them off before bed and replace them with a fresh pair. They should not stick to your skin, but if they do, consult a medical professional.

How to Get Better at Reading News

How to Get Better at Reading News

There are a few tips you can use to improve your news reading skills. Don’t be afraid to research topics or words right away. If you find yourself unclear about something, look up the background information right away. While it may be tempting to dive into every story, it’s easier to understand larger concepts when you know the basics. You can also improve your comprehension of everyday conversations if you understand how the news is written.

Less serious news sites

Less serious news sites

If you’re a beginner to news reading, start with less serious news sites. Despite their name, some of the most popular and reputable news organizations are actually biased against one party or another. For example, a BBC journalist who reported building 7’s collapse was flat-out lying. Reuters is another reliable and trustworthy news organization that focuses on factual reporting. It also has a section for’recommended sources’, where you can read articles that are relevant to your own interests.


One of the most effective ways to increase speed while reading news is to read it in phases instead of words. Many newspapers are organized into sections and you can learn to skip over these sections to focus on the articles that matter most to you. Also, if you’re looking for current events or sports coverage, you can focus on the articles that are relevant to your current situation. You can even skip the entertainment section if it’s not your cup of tea, Look at this website.

Exposure to different points of view

In a study of college students, researchers found that they spent 36 percent more time reading news articles that supported their pre-existing political views than those that challenged them. Even when presented with news articles by people who disagreed with their viewpoint, few participants clicked on them. This reflects the fact that most people are politically active and attach themselves to a particular group ideology. In the same study, they found that those exposed to more extreme news websites also held more negative feelings toward people belonging to out-groups.

Trusting news sources

There is a growing concern in the media industry about how to ensure trust in news sources. A Gallup poll released in January found that more Americans trust local news than national news, although there are several areas of concern. In the poll, local news was rated highly by 44% of respondents, while national news was rated low by 27%. Despite this worrying trend, it does not mean that the news industry has given up on the idea of trust.

Step-By-Step Guide About Choosing PCD Pharma Company

Step-By-Step Guide About Choosing PCD Pharma Company

If you are planning to start a PCD pharma business, then you must be aware that picking the right PCD pharma company can be a tricky task. A wrong choice could lead to mediocre results and can even cause the business to fail. Therefore, this step-by-step guide aims to help budding entrepreneurs in selecting the right PCD pharma company. Before choosing a company, you should first check its background and product details.

Choosing a PCD Pharma Company

Choosing a PCD Pharma Company

If you are planning to start a business in the pharmaceutical industry, choosing a PCD pharma company is of the utmost importance. If done properly, the right choice can yield immense business benefits. If, however, you choose the wrong firm, you could end up with a disastrous business. The following article is designed for budding entrepreneurs to help them choose the right PCD pharma company. To start with, you must check the company’s background and its history. Also, you must check its overall success rate. If it has a bad reputation, it is better not to choose it.

If you are considering a PCD pharma company, you must first evaluate the business model they use. The best model will offer a high level of flexibility. For example, some companies allow partial payments before delivery, while others require full payment at the time of delivery. The key to success with a PCD pharma company is that they have a proven track record of continuous supply of medicines.

Business license

Before you start your own pharma franchise business, you must get the right licensing for your new venture. In fact, the government requires a license in order to sell pharmaceutical products. This license is known as Retail DL or Wholesale DL and is obtained from the state or central drugs standard control organization. Once you have obtained this license, you should complete the required documents and meet the necessary requirements.

In addition to a license, the pharmaceutical industry requires a number of registrations. A company needs to register under the company act, a wholesale drug license, a Goods and Services Tax identification number, and a GST network registration. Once you have obtained these three licenses, you are ready to sell pharma products. You also need to maintain your premises and business location as per government regulations.


If you are looking for a Pcd Pharma company, the first thing to keep in mind is the reputation of the company. Many physicians check the company’s history before prescribing their products. The more credible a company is, the more doctors will trust it. A good history of the company means a good brand name and better growth potential. Moreover, a company with a solid reputation in the market has a better chance of winning over the competition.

PCD Pharma franchise requires a large investment. As a franchisee, you need to make sure that the company has a good reputation in the market. You can check this by looking online or doing some research. Moreover, you should consider the products and the company’s reputation. If you choose a franchise, make sure you have enough time to check the products and the company’s reputation. The internet is an excellent resource for researching the reputation of a franchise company.



Before selecting a PCD pharma company, you must consider some factors. Ensure that the company has all the required accreditations and approvals. As a businessperson, it is imperative to understand the flow and integrity of PCD pharma companies. Moreover, you should check the company’s reputation in the market. For instance, a reputed PCD pharma company will have an unbroken supply chain, and this will affect the business‘ profitability.

Make sure that the PCD Pharma Company you choose provides special content for your customers. These can include an MR pack, a timetable, an updated card, and a pen stand. In addition, you can choose a company that offers marketing materials, such as magazines and pen stands. The company will also deliver your products according to your order, whether it’s a large-scale order or just a small-scale one.

How Do You Activate Crystals?

How Do You Activate Crystals?

There are several different ways to activate crystals, and these include spiritual activation and moonlight or sunlight. Using affirmations is a great way to help crystals work for you, but if you’re not sure how to get started, read on to learn more about the benefits of crystal activation. The most important thing to remember when activating crystals is to keep them safe from water. Water is one of the most important elements of life, so make sure they are safe for them.

Spiritual activation is a way to activate crystals

Spiritual activation is a way to activate crystals

Activating your crystals is an important part of your daily life, because they hold incredible power. These stones are made up of universal energies and can stimulate transformations, as well as ground you to the physical world. But they also absorb energy, and you must activate them properly to use their full healing potential. In this book, Sharon McLaughlin shares her insights on spiritual activation and the benefits of this method.

Among the most common ways to activate your crystals, placing them near natural elements is a powerful method. Activating crystals in nature can be particularly beneficial to water-themed stones. Water is a powerful symbol for intuition, feelings, and the subconscious mind. Water-themed crystals are especially potent because they are so similar to water signs. Alternatively, you can place them in dusk, when softer light is available.

Using a crystal grid

Sacred geometry is a natural way to create powerful manifestations. Shapes of the universe correspond to molecular vibrations and can be found in nature, from bones to nests. Sacred geometry shapes are ideal for crystal grid formations, and they represent energy’s journey throughout the universe. They can also be used to manifest happiness and patience. In this article, we will look at some of the most common shapes found in sacred geometry.

A crystal grid can be simple to make and is often composed of multiples of one type. A single stone can be in the center, while smaller ones should be placed outside of it. Crystal points may also be used. Depending on the intention, you can also combine several types of crystals. The most common way to create a grid is to select the center stone, also called an anchor stone. The supporting stones are placed to further define the main intention of the grid.

Using sunlight or moonlight

Activating crystals requires the use of sunlight or moonlight, which both charge and cleanse them. The morning and afternoon sun are ideal for charging crystals. Make sure that you expose your crystals to the sun for at least 12 hours to fully charge them. Sunlight is particularly beneficial during winter solstice, as it helps reduce stress and expand meditative space. The spring equinox is the best time to use the sun to charge crystals because the energy from the sun helps promote growth in all aspects of life, including spiritual development.

Moonlight and sunlight both cleanse and energize your crystals. Place your crystals outside in the fresh air and make sure that you protect them from falling and dampness. Alternatively, you can place them in the backyard. If you want to use the moonlight, place them outside during the full moon phase. This is a magical time to use sunlight or moonlight to cleanse crystals. It is best to do this when the moonlight is the brightest.

Using affirmations

Activating crystals with positive affirmations can help you achieve your goals. The law of attraction is a well-known manifestation technique that harnesses the power of intention to achieve the desired outcomes. While the process seems too good to be true, there are several studies that prove its effectiveness. These include: a 2010 research review which found that visualization increased the chances of achieving desired outcomes by a third, and a 2016 study which showed that positive visualizations improved feelings of happiness and reduced anxiety in subjects. While there’s no scientific proof to support the power of the law of attraction, it is still possible to use crystals to align yourself with your goals and desires.

There are several ways to program crystals with affirmations. You can place them under the moonlight or in soil. You can also place them in a salt bath. Affirmations are effective ways to eliminate negative thoughts and manifest good things in your life. The words used to activate a crystal should be as simple and concise as possible. Affirmations can be customized for each individual. In addition to reprogramming the crystal, affirmations can also be used to release past-life traumas.

Tips To Purchase A Boating License

Tips To Purchase A Boating License

If you are considering getting your boating license, here are some tips to get you started. Read on to learn about the requirements for your State and the documentation you need to obtain it. These tips are also applicable if you plan on taking an Online boating safety course. After reading these tips, you’ll be well on your way to getting the boating license you’ve been dreaming about. You can even go ahead and purchase it online, too!

Guide to Obtaining a Boating Iicense

Boating Iicense

A boating license is proof that you have completed the necessary education and training to operate a watercraft. While each state has its own specific requirements, the process is fairly similar. You can start by checking out the state Parks and Wildlife website. Here you can find information on the required courses and their cost. Once you’ve determined what you’re required to do, you can begin preparing for your boating license application.

A boating license is required by law in the state you live in. If you’re planning to boat in New York, you’ll want to complete a boat safety course. If you’ve already completed a course in another state, you can just have the certificate added to your license at renewal time. In addition, a boating safety course must be taken in a classroom setting, and you need to complete all of the paper work properly. If you’re going to be boating in New York, the course you take should cover all of the basic rules.

State-By-State Requirements

Before purchasing a boating license, you must know which state you’re in. Some states require you to take a course, such as boater safety, before you can drive on the water. If you’re unsure if you’ve completed the course, you can ask the Department of Transportation to provide a record of your completion. If you missed it, you can always challenge the exam, but this license doesn’t need to be renewed.

In addition to a boating safety course, you should also know what to do if you’re stopped by the DLNR. Some DLNR enforcement officials may ask for your boating safety card, as well as a photo ID. They’ll appreciate your cooperation. If you have a Merchant Mariner credential, you can also satisfy the prerequisite for a thrill craft certification class.

Online Safety Courses

The Boat US Foundation offers a variety of boater safety courses online. Whether you’re looking to get your boating license or just want to refresh your skills, you can complete the course and get a certificate of completion. In addition, if you’re planning to vaarbewijs kopen in another state, the online boating safety course you take can be accepted in that state as well. If your state doesn’t recognize your certificate, look for an out-of-state course that’s NASBLA-approved. Reciprocity between states is common in this regard, and the Boat US Foundation has a policy in place.

The online boating safety course option is convenient for anyone. Students of all ages can complete it on their own time, from their computer, tablet, or smartphone. The course includes 50 multiple-choice questions and an open-book final test. Passing is guaranteed by the company. A permanent card will be mailed to you within four weeks after you complete the course. If you’re not satisfied with the course, you can purchase it in person at a New York State Parks office or online from a National Association of Boating Law Administrators-approved provider.

Documentation Requirements

Before buying a boating license, make sure you know what documents you will need. You’ll need to present a certificate or card showing completion of a boater safety course. You’ll also need to show proof that you have passed a driver’s license equivalency exam. If you’re under 18, you’ll need a Vessel Licensed driver with you who is 21 years old or older.

Boats that have documentation are usually federally documented. This means that the vessels’ hulls have no state boat numbering, but they’re still required to pay sales taxes in that state. In addition, they must be registered with the US Coast Guard. You might also be required to register your vessel in federal waters and the high seas. You can obtain these documents by purchasing a boating license from the state you’re in.

How to Choose a Watch Strap

How to Choose a Watch Strap

If you have just recently purchased a new watch, you are probably wondering how to choose a watch strap. First, you should decide what your budget is. Your budget is crucial in the buying process, as it will determine what brands and materials you should look for. Read on to discover how to choose the right strap for your new watch. After that, you can start searching for the right material. To choose a strap, look for a material that is made of high-quality leather.



While microbrand watches are essentially the same as the ones you get at the watch store, genuine leather straps have a few distinct advantages. They protect the watch’s delicate mechanisms and finishes. Plus, leather straps are comfortable and convenient. Leather watch straps gained popularity during WW1 and were the forerunner of NATO and G10 straps of the 1970s. The evolution of leather watch straps continued during the WWII era.


One of the most common ways to install a NATO watch strap is to thread the length of the strap through the buckle at 12 o’clock. Afterward, the strap is threaded through the lugs or bar of the watch and the buckle. This will keep the watch strap securely in place. It is important to use good quality spring bars on your NATO. The spring bars from ZULUDIVER are among the best available.



The benefits of bespoke watch straps are numerous. This natural material is made from a white liquid, called latex, that oozes from certain types of plants. This particular type of rubber is sourced from the Hevea brasiliensis tree. It is extremely durable and flexible, and has a subtle vanilla scent. Depending on your lifestyle, you may even prefer a rubber watch strap made from natural rubber over a synthetic one.


When you are looking to purchase a new watch, you need to take a few important steps in order to get the perfect watch strap. You should check the circumference of your wrist to determine the proper length. Also, be sure to read the strap description to make sure you get the right size. Avoid straps that are too short or too long as this can ruin your outfit. Luckily, there are many options available and there are several types of materials to choose from.

Metal bracelets

Metallic watch bracelets offer more than just style, though. Many are scratch resistant, making them perfect for active lifestyles. However, they don’t fare as well in extreme temperatures and human sweat. You can also damage them with harsh chemicals found in swimming pools. That’s why you should learn how to care for your watch’s metal band before using it. Here are some tips to ensure your watch stays looking great for a long time.



The Milanese watch strap is a coveted accessory for any vintage dress watch. Developed in the 13th century, the mesh design is a special type of chainmail and has become synonymous with vintage dress watches. Hand-made, the Milanese strap is a labor of love that has remained a specialty of Italy for nearly 500 years. Unlike other watch straps, the Milanese is smooth and elegant to the touch, and is often referred to as a watchband by the collectors and historians.


Rolex’s Oyster watch strap lives up to its name. This chunky chainmail design provides the flexibility and durability of a rubber strap while maintaining breathability. This makes the watch a perfect choice for water-related activities, and can be switched out in a matter of minutes. However, be sure to purchase an original Oyster watch strap to avoid future damage.



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Breathwork is an active meditation technique that uses the breath to emotionally detox the body. If you've never experienced breathwork, it goes like this: you show up in comfortable clothing, lay down, close your eyes and listen to the instructions.

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