Combining ancient wisdom with modern knowledge to create transformative experiences that REVITALIZE and restore BALANCE.

A Breathwork Session

The breath is a high form of technology for self-healing. It can help you to stay grounded, present and in your heart. Breathwork is part catharsis, part socially sanctioned adult temper tantrum, part community building and part psychedelic experience.




Our projects attract individuals who are interested in learning about a new practice to bring balance and stress relief into their lives.


The urban retreat is an annual project that takes place in New York City over the course of a weekend. Guests enjoy multiple immersive experiences.


When personal well-being is prioritized, individuals are better equipped to handle stress and make better work-related decisions.


  • The Uplift Project, Andrea Praet curates and produces events and experiences that are transformative for the mind, body and spirit. He is also the NYC head of production for The Shine Movement, a mindful variety show that inspires individuals to do more.

  • Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Katia came to New York City in 2005 to pursue graduate studies in Counseling Psychology at Columbia University. Upon graduating he served chronically mentally ill adults and later children in foster care.









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Give your Business a New way of Marketing by Instagram

If you have a website and you haven’t promoted it, what is the use of such a website if no one will be able to see the website on the search engines? The promotion of your business has been playing an important role since the beginning of the word business. People have always found the new ways to promote the website. Then came the internet and the websites. Over the time people noticed that the internet is the best way to promote your business. Most of the people these search for the product online and even buy them online. It is very important, if you have a business, you need to promote your business online. Since the emergence of social media it is very easy to promote your business. Many social network take money for the promotions of the websites, but you can also promote your website, by making your own page on the social network and constantly updating the products and services provided by our business.


Instagram is growing day by day and becoming popular, almost thousands of people share their photographs every hour. Instagram was launched in 2010 and it is available on the android devices, you have to download from the google play store or any other app store. This is also available for the Apple devices. Instagram can also be used to promote your business as it is a social network. You can easily post the images of your product on the Instagram. The posting of images as always, been helpful in the promotion of business.

How to promote your website on Instagram?

Once you have created your page on the website, you need to have the followers for your page so that the product information you are uploading gets noticed by the people. Once your page gets followed by a certain number of people it starts appearing on the other people page and they may also follow your page increasing father more the promotion of the website. You can buy the number of followers from the internet. The more you get the number of followers for your page the better the promotion of your website is done. You have to be creative in order to promote your business in a good manner and you need to do several things in order to get the increased number of likes and followers from your previous posts. You should have a logo for your business, use this logo on the display of your page, the more the people see your business details the more they know about the products and services. Always try to put your link with your posts on the Instagram so that people may visit your website in search of specific product your website may have. Most important thing about the internet marketing is that you have to be creative enough so that the people are able to notice your updates and photographs you have posted on the website. You should use the images and the posts which seem to be connected to the people.

New Generation Mini Tank Electric Water Heater – The HHP HH2.5

New Generation Mini Tank Electric Water Heater

HHP is brand name of Home Heating Products Company. As the name suggests, HHP HH2.5 is just another version of electric water heaters produced by this Company located in Chattanooga, USA. This company manufactures wide variety of water heaters ranging from mini water heaters to very big tanks. It is very suitable for heater for houses, stores and small offices. It is a single supply application and can handle only one at a time. Its maximum temperature is 110 volts.

Special features of HHP HH2.5 mini tank electric water heater:

Special features of HHP HH2.5 mini tank electric water heater
  1. Gives plug in wired connection which is very supportive.
  2. Provide single inoculation function.
  3. Heating temperature varies from 60 degree to 120 degree.
  4. Its heating capacity is 1200 watts.
  5. Attractive in color-white color.

Advantages of HHP HH2.5 mini electric water heater tanks:

  1. Saves enough water: Fixing mini water heater below the sink stops wasting water in the form waiting for warm water.
  2. Saves energy: Eliminates long run wait for heat. Heats water instantly and saves power.
  3. Occupies limited space: HHP HH2.5 Mini electric water heater consumes limited space. Just install it in one end of room instead of going for larger space.
  4. Superior design quality: Type of heater sensor used inside is of good quality. The sensor heats water as soon as you switch on the heater. It has got glass wrinkled tank inside the tank. Incase of damage it provides quick recovery option.
  5. Small size: It occupies 2.5 gallons for one sink and 4 gallons for two sinks.
Additional applications of mini heater

Additional applications of mini heater:

It is mostly used in cottages and kitchenettes.
Most Commercial complexes and stores use mini electric water heater.
It can also be used for mobile homes, boats, restaurants and hotels.
Provides best service option.

Affordable price.

Sometimes choosing the best electric water heater is tedious job. HHP HH2.5 made it very easy by proving lots of options. All the companies who are providing this service are not recognized companies. So be careful while buying heaters from different companies. Check its available products list and then go for it. While choosing heater there are lots of options to be considered. Aware of oxidization and rust deposit problem. These two are major problems with any type of heater, know more.

Mini water heaters do their job by consuming electricity and heat the cold water. Remember the days of using cold water even in winter season? These are designed in such a way that it serves for longer period of time without any problem, while keeping the winters warm. Once you fix the tank no need to replace it again and again. Clean the inside tank occasionally so that you will get clean water. The life time of a heater depends upon how you maintain it.

Mini water heaters also called as compact water heaters because of its reduced space consumption. These are of great help most of times and economical as well. Always go for smooth handled and weight less mini tanks, because they are easy to carry and needs no additional support for transportation. Try buying a good heater which is having additional features for future purpose. Assurance of any product is important before buying it. So be careful in checking warranty card. Buy a heater of minimum six years warranty period.

Stylish and Organic Long Sleeved Shirts

Stylish and Organic Long Sleeved Shirts

There’s no reason organics should be limited to only what you put in your body. Organic clothing is becoming more and more popular and along with its growing popularity comes a quickly expanding range of options and styles. Just in time for the too-quickly approaching cold weather, here are some long sleeved organic shirts for women that can be worn anywhere from a hot date to a cozy day at home.

Jute and Jackfruit offers a white scoopnecked top with gentle ruching over the bodice made of organic cotton. Perfectly appropriate for an elegant lunch out or a casual day at the office, this tunic is soft and feminine. At $69 this top is moderately priced, neither a steal nor a budget buster, see details.

This everyday organic cotton shirt from Blue Canoe adds style to what could have been an standard shirt with a cowl neck. It comes in four colors and is perfect for a walk in the park or daily errands. Simple without being boring, this shirt costs a modest $55.

Long Sleeved Shirts

Indigenous Designs offers an organic jersey shirt in a steel gray that is perfectly date-worthy. The detailing along the front of the shirt is what stands out on this elegant top, twisting and draping into a low, but not too low, neckline. At $72 the price is right in line with the other shirts on this list and certainly worth the cost.

This scoop necked, soft organic cotton shirt from (hā) is great for a stroll through a farmers market or an open air concert. Laid back and unpretencious, the dusky rose color and over the shoulders neckline add a hint of effortless sexiness to an everyday casual shirt. Currently sold out, this shirt is a favorite and will hopefully be back in stock soon.

Sweet Skins has two sweet tops on their site. Both can multitask as either a standalone shirt or be layered over a lighter top. The City Sweatshirt is made of hemp, organic cotton and terry and is perfect for cold fall or winter days. It rings in at $80 but will be a stay at home comfortable favorite for years to come. The Hemp Wrap is also organic cotton, terry and hemp but is a lighter and slightly more dressed up than the City Sweatshirt. It is also a bit more elegant, though still imminently suited for a comfortable day off. It also costs $80, making the Sweet Skins picks slightly more expensive than the other tops on the list.

Each of the shirts above are soft, pretty and best of all earth friendly. Just as environmentally conscious consumers turned away from fur decades ago, there is a definite shift happening now towards organics. There’s no reason fashion can’t be low impact as well as stylish. The five tops listed in this article are a good place to start, but there are many more places to look for organic fashion.

Get ready for summer with a 10-day Metagenics detox – New York Anti-Aging Beauty

Get ready for summer with a 10-day Metagenics detox

As cars need fuel and quarterly tune-ups to run properly, so do our bodies with adequate nutrition, exercise and a seasonal detox. While a myriad of programs exist like the Master Cleanse, Clean Diet, Eat Stop Eat, and Fat Flush for Life, I chose to do the Metagenics 10-day detox recommended by my Chiropractor and Wellness practitioner, Dr. Edmund Shockey, located in Midtown East on 55th and Lex with an additional office in Flatiron/Chelsea.

New York Anti-Aging Beauty

Though scientifically unproven, a detox or body tune-up helps to do three things:

  • Reduce free radicals in our bodies which have been linked to arthritis, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and diabetes.
  • Lessen burdens to several natural detoxification organs including liver, kidney, intestines, and lymphatic system.
  • Promote healthy digestion, adequate absorption of nutrients, and effectively rid toxins in the body resulting from air pollution, processed, soiled or microwaved food, dust and pollen, stress and even beauty products, click this over here now.

Detox diets are generally debatable with some claiming no results, while others having immediate benefits. These include:

  • Increased immunity and cardiovascular circulation
  • Blood purification
  • New and healthy cell growth in the body’s fight against cancer and other diseases linked to free radical damage
  • Cleansed digestive tract with the removal of mucous, congestion, fermentation, and inflammation
  • Curbed addictions to sugar, salt, high glycemic carbohydrates, alcohol, processed foods, and nicotine
  • Improved skin texture and cleansed pores

Personally, my goal was to combat an overall lethargic feeling, slower metabolism, digestive issues and the post-winter waistline bulge that is increasingly becoming more problematic with every passing year. Despite the detox controversy, I decided to make my own determination. After having finished the Metagenics 10-day program, my entire body, from the inside out, head to toe, now feels more alive, as if every cell has been awakened. My metabolism and appetite for healthier foods increased, the feeling of fullness after a few bites of every meal dissipated, my intestines are no longer sluggish, my waistline shed two inches, my mind is sharper and more alert with every meal, my eye sight has even improved as the colors of Spring seem richer and more vibrant, and just the other day, a friend commented on how much my skin was glowing.

Each person is vastly different from the next, so it is very important to first check with a general practitioner, nutritionist or wellness doctor to ensure one’s system can handle the side effects of a detox program. These may include sleep interruptions, headaches, diarrhea, nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and fatigue, loss of appetite, thirst, increased urination, fever, chills, and skin rashes. Of these, I experienced a slight headache on days 2, 5, 8 and 9, some diarrhea during the first few days, had sleepless nights on days 3, 5, 7 and 8, but overall, the side effects were minimal and worth the resulting benefits.

Metagenics detox

Part of my detox program included a detox supplemental beverage drink, UltraClear Renew, “to support healthy liver function and enhance metabolic detoxification with a low-allergy-potential rice protein and specific amounts and types of carbs, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, plant nutrients and other amino acids”, and AdvaClear, an “encapsulated nutritional supplement for enhanced detox support” that helped to alleviate the side effects.

Pregnant or nursing women, children and people with very busy schedules are not recommended to try this or any other detox program. Neither should people with “anemia, eating disorders, diabetes, kidney disease, autoimmune disease, cancer, terminal illness, certain genetic diseases, and other chronic conditions” unless directed and supervised by a primary care provider.

All in all, with the 10-day Metagenics detox, you will now be ready for bikini weather.

What Are Good Fish Oils and Why Should I Take Them?

What Are Good Fish Oils and Why Should I Take Them

There is much publicity these days about eating good fish. The benefits are well advertised, eating three meals with good fish as the main protein each week will help lower cholesterol, prevent heart attacks, lower blood pressure, prevent strokes and lubricate our joints.

But what are good fish? Good fish are what are known as oily fish. They are rich in omega three fatty acids. These are the fish that are usually found in cold seas or at great depth: they are not usually white fleshed. They include fish such as Salmon, Tuna, Mackerel, Halibut, and Herring. Tinned fish is as good as fresh fish to eat for this purpose. All fish livers contain these good fats; it is just that these particular fish are a richer source of it. Fish liver oil capsules are made from other fish, and concentrated. Read to find out the best one.

Omega three fatty acids are the ones that are helpful to our health. Research has shown that these fats will lower cholesterol levels, particularly the harmful low-density lipids, and may in fact aid in dissolving plaques that have already formed in our blood vessels. Fish oils reduce blood pressure slightly. This reduces the risk of all coronary diseases. Omega three fatty acids are beneficial in all inflammatory diseases, including arthritis, rheumatism and general sore muscles and joints. This is thought to be due to their action on the prostaglandin system, which plays a part in coronary disease as well.

Good Fish Oils

Less well known are the benefits of fish oil in ADHD, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and schizophrenia. These benefits are due to the vital role that essential fatty acids play in brain development. Pregnant and breast-feeding women are encouraged to have an adequate intake of these fats to promote healthy brain development in their children. Many commercial baby formulas now contain added omega three oils. Pregnant women have to be sure that their source of omega three is safe from mercury contamination, and so often use soybean or flaxseed oil instead of fish. They are not as rich a source as fish oils but seem safer.

Recent concern has focused on the fact that commercially caught fish may be contaminated with mercury. This has led to a movement away from fish eating, and towards the taking of capsules that are guaranteed to be free of mercury. The mercury contamination appears to be with naturally occurring Mercury, not just industrial by products, and so the region of the world the fish are caught in makes little difference. The fish with the highest levels of mercury are found to be shellfish and apex predators, such as swordfish, which is why pregnant women are advised to avoid them. Unless you eat exceedingly high amounts of these fish the levels of mercury you ingest are not likely to be very high.

All people, whatever their age or state of health, benefit from a daily dose of fish liver oil capsules, or from eating oily fish three times a week. The spoonful of cod liver oil our grandparents and parents were forced to swallow every day really was doing them good, much as they would have wished it otherwise.

Everything You Need to Know About Bronchitis

Everything You Need to Know About Bronchitis

Bronchitis is definitely my worst fear. My throat becomes sore and swollen while I cough in pain. There seems like no end to this miserable sickness because for me it comes every year around mid-spring, and there is no stopping it. I probably could predict the exact week I’ll get it. This is common in many people, especially since it tends to come annually or semi-annually (and there is no vaccine for it). Most of the time it is worse and more brutal than the common cold. In fact, most people contract bronchitis after they get a cold. If you’re like most people, you should keep yourself informed about this miserable sickness so you can diagnose, treat, or even prevent this pain in the throat.

What exactly is Bronchitis?

What is Acute Bronchitis

Whenever you see the “itis” part, it has to deal with inflammation. In this case, bronchitis is the inflammation of the bronchi, or respiratory tracts in the lungs. There is also chronic and acute bronchitis. Chronic, as you guessed, tends to happen much more frequently and can last much longer (up to three months within two years). Chronic bronchitis is identified as an on-going cough, pain in the chest, and increased production in mucus that is coughed up. Acute bronchitis is much more common and generally more intense, find more info.

What is Acute Bronchitis?

Acute Bronchitis is identified as having painful coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath due to the airways being inflamed. Acute Bronchitis usually occurs after or near the end of a common cold.

What are the signs and symptoms?

As previously stated, Acute Bronchitis causing coughing, throat swelling, shortness of breath, fever, chest pain, weakness, and discomfort. The mucus coughed up can be differently color; the most common color being a yellow, but it can also be green or clear. You can not tell by the color of the mucus if the infection is bacterial or viral. Sometimes having a cold can overlap having bronchitis. Therefore, a runny nose and a fever are common to have. In addition, outdoor allergies can affect bronchitis if they are severe enough.

How is bronchitis diagnosed?

Bronchitis can usually be diagnosed by a doctor. Your doctor can do several different tests including a chest x-ray, a blood test, or a sputum test. A chest x-ray will often reveal cuffing, or inflammation of the bronchi. A chest x-ray may also rule out pneumonia. A blood test would also show inflammation and infection in the body by a result of high amounts of white blood cells. A sputum test is a sample of mucus, usually coughed up by the patient. A sputum test may also have a culture done with it to rule out strep throat or other infections of the respiratory system.

How is bronchitis treated?

About 90% of the time, bronchitis is caused by a virus and not bacteria, so other than a doctor diagnosing bronchitis, they can not do much for a patient. If the bronchitis is bacterial, they will prescribe a common antibiotic. Generally a doctor will prescribe an antibiotic anyway as a rule of thumb. Whether the infection is viral or bacterial, it will generally clear up within a little less than two weeks or so.

How can I ease my bronchitis suffering?

It’s true. Bronchitis is very uncomfortable and even painful. To feel more comfortable, drink hot or warm liquids such as soup or tea. This will make the throat feel better and even loosen up mucus in the lungs. Cough drops, Nyquil, Dayquil, cough suppressants, and common pain killers will usually make you more comfortable when you have bronchitis. If you want to help your child feel better, there are usually child-strength medications, although they should always be used in moderation. As always, it is good to consume food and drink rich in Vitamin C. Sleep is key though. When your body can rest, it will fight off infection faster. Try to take at least two days off from work or school to rest if you can. Also, not smoking or being around second-hand smoke when you have bronchitis will help the bronchi heal faster and cut down irritation and inflammation. Physical activity should be at a minimum. So while you have bronchitis, try to skip the gym. Your body will actually thank you.

How can I prevent bronchitis?

While everyone is destined to have bronchitis in their life (just like they are destined to have a cold), you can always decrease your chances of getting it by staying away from people with a cold. Wash your hands often and keep your immune system healthy with lots of fruits and vegetables. Not smoking also decreases your risk of getting bronchitis. Those who live in houses with good air filtration or live in non-urban or low air pollution areas tend to get bronchitis much less. There is also a pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine (also known as PPV) which can lower your risk of getting bronchitis from a bacterial infection.

Creatine Protein

Creatine Protein

Any expert fitness trainer will instruct any potential strength or weight trainee that of all the supplements available, creatine protein is likely the most effective. Creatine is responsible for increasing strength by feeding the muscles with extra energy allowing the right environment for building muscle. Protein gives the muscles the ability to repair and build up the muscles. It may become confusing for the novice supplemental consumer due to the hundreds upon hundreds of alternative supplements. Gathering as much research as possible into the supplements is the best plan to decipher which supplement will work the best for you, investigate this site.

As one begins to understand that protein is the building block of muscle, it is only natural that creatine protein would provide an enormous benefit over traditional creatine. Creatine protein is a mixture of the two effective elements that enhance strength training and promote healing. By introducing protein with the creatine, it provides the body with amino acids that are required to absorption of body proteins. These aid in the construction of strong bones, healthy organs as well as healthy tendons. Feeding all aspects of human growth, creatine protein is the best choice for building size and stature within the muscles.

Creatine Protein Tips

Understanding how creatine protein supplements work can greatly enhance any consumer’s experience. In essence, the creatine protein supplement can influence the ability for the muscles to store glycogen. Certainly you’re wondering how glycogen became a player in the creatine protein formula. Glycogen is a form of the carbohydrate that is stored inside of the muscle. When the muscles are utilized for intense activity such as weight and strength training, glycogen fuels the muscles. This type of rigorous exercise is too intense for the cardiopulmonary system to keep up with the demand for oxygen to the muscles.

Now that one understands how glycogen relates to the creatine protein equation, it is easy to reason that a timely ‘load’ of creatine protein can create enormous muscle fullness while promoting muscle growth. It only stands to reason that muscle fullness is the step before creating more strength as it allows the environment to be able to build strength. It should also be noted that scientific results that are available that many companies boast with products, are typically noted after a significant period of taking any creatine protein supplement. Although results cannot be noticed immediately, some have recorded significant changes within a week or two at most. Besides results that are physically noticeable, most strength trainers using creatine protein were documented much earlier than a week in personal gains. No matter what the goal is, ultimately it is unachievable without creatine protein.

Potentially damaging are the different companies that market creatine protein products. Not every company’s product is made the same. Make sure extensive background information is attained before deciding on any creatine protein supplement. A reputable company that has a good history should be the ultimate choice. Quality creatine protein is inherently important when ingesting products. Do the research. Find the facts. Begin the path to intense strength training today with creatine protein.

Fairmont Summer Family Vacation Packages: Luxury Resort Hotel Properties Welcome Children with Travel Deals

Fairmont Summer Family Vacation Packages

Many Fairmont hotels and resorts are offering annual summer vacation deals. These are the recommended family-oriented luxury travel packages at Fairmonts worldwide.

Longtime readers of this column know that Luxury Travel is a big fan of Fairmont Hotels & Resorts. From the Fairmont Green Partnership Guide, to luxury properties throughout the world that never sacrifice a sense of place for high-end accommodations, to even one of the best airport hotels in the Western Hemisphere, Fairmont’s got it all. It seems almost natural, then, that some of the best annual luxury summer travel packages and resort hotel deals are found at Fairmont properties. There are approximately 15 hotel and vacation packages; these are Luxury Travel’s family-oriented favorites.

Fairmont Hotels in Scotland and Monte Carlo

Fairmont Hotels in Scotland and Monte Carlo

The Fairmont St Andrews In Scotland is freshly renovated, set on the Fife coast and a newly top-ranked golf resort (Conde Nast, Golf Tourism Scotland). Throughout the summer, the Ancestry at Fairmont St Andrews package lets guests trace their lineage with several renown Scottish history scholars. Besides detailed research into guests’ family history, people who book this package receive a copy of A Sense of Belonging to Scotland, a photography book.

The Fairmont Monte Carlo in Monaco is offering its annual family-friendly summer travel package. The Beach Experience deal offers access to one of five private beaches (guests’ choice) along the exclusive Avenue Princess Grace. Children get a surprise gift with this vacation package, and each beach has special kids’ activities like volleyball or a reserved children’s play area.

Fairmont Family Packages in the United States

The Fairmont Washington DC has partnered with the National Zoo to offer a package for conscientious travelers. Book a Panda Package with this Fairmont, and the hotel donates $10 to the Friends of the National Zoo’s Giant Panda Conservation Fund (supporting conservation initiatives in the US and China). Children get plenty of kid-friendly panda-related items as well.

The Plaza in New York City is now a Fairmont property. Many parents have read Eloise, or seen the movie Eloise at the Plaza. This Fifth Avenue hotel celebrates the famous children’s book with the Play at The Plaza package. The package includes a $25 gift card at either FAO Schwartz or the 5th Ave Apple Store, unlimited use of Playstation, Nintendo, Wii or X-Box 360 gaming consoles, and a gift for each child, find more about this.

The Fairmont Scottsdale in Arizona is offering its annual Summer Splash package. Dive In Movies are shown at the main pool each Friday and Saturday, and teens wanting to hang out away from mom and dad can do so in “The Hang Out” area with gaming consoles, music, and other like-minded adolescents. Younger children can sign up for The Kids Club, which is akin to a day camp experience.

Canada’s Fairmont Empress and Chateau Frontenac

Canada's Fairmont Empress

The Fairmont Empress in Victoria, British Columbia has its own Family Adventure package, and this summer the vacation package includes a “Kid’s Fun Quest,” activity book and hotel scavenger hunt, along with the opportunities for soft outdoor adventure (kayaking, etc) along Southern Vancouver Island.

The Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac in Quebec’s annual summer travel package makes good use of the hotel’s location in historic, lovely Quebec City. The Prince & Princess package treats modern-day kids like royalty, as the hotel is an actual – renovated, modernized – castle. The guided tour of the hotel makes this historic aspect clear in an accessible way, and delivery of an in-room movie rental, popcorn and juice pampers the whole family.

Where to Buy Used Medical Equipment Online

There are plenty of places to buy new medical equipment; but quite frankly, they’re rather expensive, and slightly used equipment provides practically the exact same product for a much cheaper price. So, then, if you need used medical equipment–a broad term encompassing almost all items a hospital should be equipped with (gurneys, microscopes, patient monitors, autoclaves, etc., and much more)–where can you look online? Googling “used medical equipment” doesn’t help–there are too many websites to know which ones have what you need. To make matters worse, some of the websites–like–have “new and used equipment”, which complicates your search (most of their items are new). Without further ado, here are the best websites for buying used medical equipment online.


PEMED (Production Engineering Medical Equipment Division, found, has been in business for 20 years, until recently occupied the #1 Google ranking under a search for used medical equipment, and is quite simply the best used medical provider in America. While some buyers are put off by PEMED’s no-nonsense attitude– nonserious buyers are quickly recognized and turned away–for serious buyers, PEMED provides quality used medical equipment at an excellent value. Questions via phone and email are promptly returned if their user-friendly website doesn’t answer a specific question. The only knock on PEMED is that they don’t accept credit-cards–this serves to weed out the nonserious buyers, so this doesn’t concern people like you. Every item on the website is physically in stock and well-photographed. All you need to know about PEMED is found on their website:

  1. “Everything we sell is, without exception, in stock in our warehouse. Unless we’ve sold it.
  2. We grade every item according to the MedConTM condition rating system. Developed by PEMED, it is an objective way of judging the quality and condition of used equipment.
  3. We do not oversell an item. We will tell you the strengths and weaknesses of our knowledge. This is medical equipment; questions must be answered, if not by us then someone who is knowledgeable.
  4. Everything sold as is; every medical end user purchase has a 14 day no questions asked return policy.
  5. 20 years in business – 82 countries worldwide.

How do we do it? We buy over 80 truckloads of equipment each year. That’s how we bring you the largest selection and lowest prices – we guarantee it.”

PEMED should be the first website you visit when you look for used medical equipment.

#2 DotMed & MedWow

If you would prefer buying via an auction, DotMed or MedWow are the premier destinations for online auctions. The disadvantage to buying via auction is its hit-or-miss nature–the specific item you are looking for might not be listed, and there isn’t a sales manager you can email or call who can tell you what they have and don’t have, what condition it is in, etc. DotMed and MedWow are merely third-party agents–in most cases, you don’t know who the actual seller is (though you are able to contact them). Nevertheless, many good deals can be found in auctions, and either can hook you up with that one piece of equipment you desire–provided that you are patient and prepared to spend a little time searching around. MedWow’s website is better put-together; however, DotMed has been in business much longer, MedWow is based in Cyprus. I would recommend you start with DotMed, but MedWow is also a possibility.

(If you are hell-bent on buying your equipment via an auction, you can try but it seems that all they have going for them is a good Google ranking. However, I have not had personal experience with the company, so you could give it a try if you really want to.)

#3 a2z DME

Available at, a2z DME provides refurbished equipment at reasonable prices. Like PEMED, they have photographs of their equipment and a very large inventory. Their user-friendly website is a very solid option as well, behind PEMED.

Those are the top websites that you should visit; it would greatly surprise me if you haven’t found what you need at those websites. There are many other websites that can provide new and used medical equipment–you could spend a few hours searching and finding the website with the lowest price on the item you desire. In general, however, you get what you pay for, and the above websites will have what you need at a reasonable price. The search for used medical equipment doesn’t need to be so complicated–with these websites, it most certainly isn’t.

Can You Really Lose Weight with the Wii Fit?

Can You Really Lose Weight with the Wii Fit

Nintendo’s Wii Fit has become the latest craze of the summer, fueled by its ‘sold out’ status during the pre-launch stages and clever marketing tactics that led to sales of 690,000 units in May 2008.

The Wii Fit attempts to make working out fun again, encouraging the average couch potato or gamer to get up, get moving and burn a few calories while mimicking various exercise activities. But is losing weight really just fun and games, or is the Wii Fit just a glorified version of a stability ball?

How the Wii Fit Works

The Wii Fit platform is designed to encourage balance and good form as you move through a series of yoga poses, head a few soccer balls or hula hoop yourself into shape. It’s a simple white platform built with sensors; standing on different areas of the board registers your movements for your avatar on the screen. From stretching back muscles you never thought you had, to flexing those calves to maximum capacity, your goal is to earn ‘Fit Credits’ as you tackle each challenge in the game.

The Wii Fit even calculates your BMI to make sure you’re keeping up with your fitness intentions; the electronic board tracks your body weight to keep you on track with any healthy initiative, and can be programmed to keep a log of your progress and create a visual diagram of your results, you can find out more.

Key Exercises in a Wii Fit ‘Workout’

Key Exercises in a Wii Fit 'Workout'

You can choose from several fun workouts that you might not otherwise ever experience in real life; tightrope walking, ice fishing and jetting down a snowboard slalom are just a few of the balance games available with the Wii Fit. Other games and activities include:

-The Push-Up Challenge
-Ski Jumping
-Hula Hoop
-Step Aerobics
-Yoga Poses
-Jogging at a light pace
-Rhythm Boxing

The Wii Fit exercise categories are divided into stretch and strengthening exercises, and aerobics; all of the activities help engage several key muscle groups and can help improve your range of motion.

If you’re interested in learning meditation, the ‘Lotus Focus’ helps you gaze at a flame while staying as still as possible.

Burning Calories with the Wii Fit

Burning Calories with the Wii Fit

The Wii Fit focuses primarily on deep breathing exercises and ‘core building’ routines that engage several muscle groups. Even though you can control the level of exertion, step aerobics and hula hoop routines are still fairly mild ‘workouts.’ reports on the effectiveness of the Wii Fit for burning calories; a volunteer sprinter was recently monitored by fitness Raymond Hepburn. The 21-year old female athlete tried the Hula Hoops routine (140 calories burned), Rowing Machine (188 calories burned) and Step Aerobics (112 calories burned) amongst other activities.

Raymond explains; “I’m surprised some of the Wii exercises burn so many calories but they don’t raise the heart rate as much as the rowing machine or treadmill, so you’re not really working your heart as hard….But if you are not exercising at all, this is a really good place to start.” (Source:

Every type of physical activity burns a different amount of calories, and the amount burned varies by individual, level of exertion and the length of the workout. The Wii Fit provides several choices in activities for a low-impact routine, but very few can actually elevate the heart rate for a long enough period of time. The Wii Fit can be a great break between workouts, but the activities are not vigorous enough to get your heart pumping and boost your calorie-burning efforts for long. A combination of a healthy diet, a more intensive workout regiment – and a few rounds of Wii Fit workouts for variety – may be the best strategy for losing weight.


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