Combining ancient wisdom with modern knowledge to create transformative experiences that REVITALIZE and restore BALANCE.

A Breathwork Session

The breath is a high form of technology for self-healing. It can help you to stay grounded, present and in your heart. Breathwork is part catharsis, part socially sanctioned adult temper tantrum, part community building and part psychedelic experience.




Our projects attract individuals who are interested in learning about a new practice to bring balance and stress relief into their lives.


The urban retreat is an annual project that takes place in New York City over the course of a weekend. Guests enjoy multiple immersive experiences.


When personal well-being is prioritized, individuals are better equipped to handle stress and make better work-related decisions.


  • The Uplift Project, Andrea Praet curates and produces events and experiences that are transformative for the mind, body and spirit. He is also the NYC head of production for The Shine Movement, a mindful variety show that inspires individuals to do more.

  • Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Katia came to New York City in 2005 to pursue graduate studies in Counseling Psychology at Columbia University. Upon graduating he served chronically mentally ill adults and later children in foster care.









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What is the Content Management System in SEO

What is the Content Management System in SEO

Content management is called CM and it is used to manage all the forms of content. It is the collection of processes and technologies. It supports the combination of contents and managing these contents and takes care of publishing that content. So this is the concept of content management. There are some types of contents and that are all given here. One is digital content and another one is normal content. The digital contents may have images and stylish contents with it and it can be accessed only by the computer so only it is called digital content. Also the digital contents contain videos and audios in it. So this type of content wants to manage and that management is called content management. The process of content management may vary by the linked company because the management follows the instructions given by the linked company so not every content management is the same process.

Many people are using this content management. That is all given here. The news organization is the one that using this content management widely. And they want to manage their news schedules and also some important news so only they using this content management. The other one is education institutions. The huge institution in this world is education. Because they have a lot of content or information to handle and a lot of information to secure. So they using this content management process to handle the students educational and personal information. And the next one is e-commerce sites. Nowadays every people using the e-commerce site for purchasing. So maintaining that data is the pressure work. So with using this content management process they make their work easy and quick. The content management process is the same but they handle that in different kinds of ways. That is the difference.

The main things that remember in content management:

There are some important things to remember in content management. That is, creator, editor, publisher, admin, customer. And these are all the important things in content management. The first one is the creator, the creator is the one who creates the content to be published. And the full responsibility is in the creator. Because they are the creator of the content so they will be more concentrated on creating the content. Then the editor, the work of the editor is making changes in the content. In this process the editor wants to more conscious about their edit because after the editing the content may not edit otherwise it will be published. So this is another important thing to remember. The next one is the publisher. The publisher’s work is nothing but they publish the content in the correct site and note down the feedback and the other activities on that content. This also the main thing in content management. The important person in content management is the admin. Because admin is the person who collects all the data and manages everything. The administrator work is the main work because they lost their data then there is no collection of the proof to show their projects or the contents. The admin’s main work is managing every version of the content. The creator may use the older version so the admin wants to know the version and manage it correctly. The final one is the consumer. The consumer is the one who takes the content pr view the content. They will give the feedback to the publisher and also they will note their feedback and make changes. To know more click this link seomarketingtech.

What Does MMA Mean?

MMA factory Australia

MMA refers to Mixed Martial Arts. While learning Mixed Martial Arts or taking part in MMA fighting, one has to wear the right type of MMA gear. MMA gear such as shorts, gloves, and other clothing and accessories can help to enhance the performance of a fighter. Most of the people who have less knowledge about this thing that they can wear any shorts, gloves or clothing while engaging in MM fights. Wearing MMA shorts and MMA gloves during competition fights has a positive effect on a fighter’s performance. MMA clothing is designed by keeping in mind that the sport and the need for flexibility and protection. MMA factory Australia not only produces clothing like shirts, shorts, and gloves but also produces accessories like a punching bag, matrix reflex bag, boxing training tree, hand wraps, ankle support, kick pads, and many more.

MMA shorts:

MMA shorts

MMA shorts are made from special flexible fabric with slits at the side to ensure that the fighter’s movements are not restricted. In addition to this, the fabric is breathable thereby allowing air circulation so that the fighter does not feel hot and sweaty during the fight. It is also made of durable fabric to ensure that they do not tear or rip during fights as this could potentially distract the fighter. They also have special features such as elastic waistbands to cope with any fluctuation in weight between fights.

MMA gloves:

MMA gloves are another important thing of MMA gear, because the boxer has to protect his hands from injury by wearing gloves. MMA involves the fighter throwing punches at his opponent, using gloves helps in preventing his hands from becoming sore from throwing many punches. Many fighters prefer to use MMA gloves to enhance their performance. These gloves help in protecting the fighter’s hands by providing a cushioning to ensure that no permanent damage occurs. It also comes in a variety of styles and it offers varying levels of protection in the form of wrist wraps, knuckle strips, hand wraps, etc.

Important MMA gears

Important MMA gears:

MMA fights can be dangerous, and critical long-term damage to the head can occur if one fight without proper headgear. An extreme physical sport, an MMA fight requires a fighter to have adequate protection in sensitive areas like mouth and shin. Sometimes protective headgear is also worn to reduce the impact of falls. It is essential to wear a mouth guard to protect the teeth when playing any contact sport. MMA involves more contact than other sports so it is important to protect the mouth and teeth.

MMA sweat control sport attire:

MMA clothing even includes a range of UV protected, instant dry range of sports attire which controls sweat. They include bodysuits and cooling tees. It is available in several styles and sizes. Thus for any sport, the right kind of attire is very important as it can cause a lot of difference to a sports person’s performance. Ill-fitted clothing will not only restrict free movement but will also cause discomfort and can even lead to injury.

Do You Think The Black Light Is The Same As A UV Light?

Do You Think The Black Light Is The Same As A UV Light

Generally in the house, many viruses and bacteria came in contact with us in various ways. Some of the gems are harmful and cause some diseases. If you have good immunity you won’t get affected by the virus and bacteria easily. Probably, children in every home always play with their toy on the floor of the house, and even though you kept your house clean some bacteria and viruses are available in the house. These viruses and bacteria are invisible to human eyes and they cause health issues to the children and elder in your house. This will affect the person who has poor immune power so you have the responsibility to protect your family and home from the gems. In order to safeguard your house from the harmful virus and bacteria, you should take some action against it. There are huge floor cleaners are available but sometimes it may also cause skin rashes, irritation, and some other illness. Viruses and bacteria are found anywhere in the house.

How to Keep Your House Clean

How To Keep Your House Clean

The invisible virus and bacteria are sometimes carried by yourself from outside. Always keep your surrounding clean and gem free. To eliminate the gem you should take some severe steps and get the best solution for the issue. To make your home as virus and bacteria free then use the best UV Lamp Sanitizer that acts as the disinfected. It completely removes all the viruses and bacteria around your surroundings. This is the perfect method to eliminated the gem and keep your home safe from them. This is the most prevalent sterilization lamps which are used to fight against germs, virus, and bacteria. This sterilized lamp uses the UV rays to kill the gem. There is no harmful factor to the human by using this sterilize X of the UV lamp. The laboratory result has proved that the UV light has removed 99% of germs and microorganisms from the surrounding. This UV lamp sanitizer is the best product to eliminate the virus and bacteria in an effective way. This disinfectant is worth use indoor individually and it is also used in hospitals and laboratories.

Features of The Best Disinfectant

Features of The Best Disinfectant

The UV lamp sanitizer is easy to use in all areas. It does not pollute the air and the health of anyone. It has a special factor to remove the gems in hidden areas. It has the property that can sterilize the air and environment. You have the option to buy the UV lamp sanitizer through online and get fast delivery. It has a rechargeable battery and 360 degrees of sterilization can be possible in the place where you kept it. They provide a guarantee and the product can last for a year without any damage. When the device is on the cleaning process it does not cause any harmful radiation to you and it gets switch off automatically when it had completed the sanitizing work.

What Is The History Of The Senepol Breed?

What Is The History Of The Senepol Breed

The Senepol breed of the beef cattle was generally developed on the Caribbean Island of St. Croix. Senepol cattle is generally an admix breed between the Europeran zebu and taurina. The Senepol cattle also have disease resistance and heat tolerance ability with good meat and docile nature. They are generally short haired, polled, and colored brown, red, or black. The name Senepol was adopted in the year 1954 and the late 1960s, a breed registry was established. They are generally found in South Arica, Nambia, Australia, Mexico, Philippines, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.

The history of the Senepol breed is directly related to the beef cattle or meat production. The Senepol cattle have a more immune response as a comparison to other beef breeds. The Senepol have the average slaughter time as compared to other breeds because the male slaughter on 4 months before other breeds and the females generally slaughter 5 months before other breeds. Senepol is an extremely calm and docile animal that offers higher safety and security to people. Senepol makes easy the day to day operations especially handling. By working with the senepol blood, you will face fewer accidents with labor and structure on your property. Apart from this, Senepol cattle are known as a productive and long lived herd. The females are very fertile that increases the profitability of the property.

In the Brazalian cattle, Senepol is one of the fastest growing bovine breeds. The Senepol cattle show impressive growth in the Brazilian herd within some time. The Senepol breed is now available in several countries all over the world. Senepol cattle have the body with great length and width. They have short legs and ideal balance and finish for meat production. The Senepol cattle are naturally muscular and have a high percentage of meat in the noble regions. One most important thing that makes Senepol cattle famous among people is that they have quality meat. Farmers who want a higher quality of meat within less time prefer to buy the Senepol cattle. When you access the online market, you can easily find lots of options to get the Senepol beef and make to do proper research so that you can get a quality meal. People do not only like to buy online for the quantity of meat because the quality of meat is also a very important thing to consider.

The Senepol breed has the excellent quality of Taureans and if you are looking for quality Senepol beef then it is beneficial for you to visit a reliable place. As a comparison to other breeds, the Senepol can rapidly weight gain that makes it more food efficient. Senepol cattle is a reliable option for people for quality milk and it is beneficial for you to make proper information on the site like so that you can get the quality meat with the help of professionals.

best quality beef

It is very important for you to source your cattle from the right place. Make sure that the place you choose for Senepol breed meat offers the best quality beef with high tenderness. Whether you want to buy Senepol cattle beef or you want to get more knowledge about the Senepol cattle then it is beneficial for you to visit the website such as Once you access the online website of a farm, you can get to know several things about the cattle breeds and you can choose to buy one best or you without wasting your much time and effort. It is important for you to make proper research and find a trustworthy and reliable source for all information.

How to Remove Odor From Car Seats?

How to Remove Odor From Car Seats

Car is the most expensive vehicle, to keep it in good condition and to protect performance it should be well cleaned and maintained properly. Car cleaning is not a simple process and if you found any odors in your car then you should get rid of it by using some tricks and techniques. Car seats are the main source where we get odor and dust often. There are many different techniques are available to remove odors from your car and car seat as well.

Cleaning car seat cover

Car seat covers often need to be cleaned well to maintain its freshness and look. It is easy to clean the car seats. There are many ways to clean the car seat cover based on the material.

•Remove the cloth upholstery or cover from the car seat and pat out of the dirt and dust.
•Covers can be cleaned by using detergent or mild shampoo in lukewarm water.
•To remove the soap from the cover rinse it with cold water
•Once it is dried, you can place the cover in the car seat.
•It is always suggested to use a vacuum to clean at least twice a month.

Use cleaners to remove odors from car seat

Bacteria will be formed if your car seat has a strong and bad odor. It is very important to remove the odor in order to kill the bacteria. There are some effective methods are to be followed to kill the bacteria. Some of the best methods are mentioned below in the article.

Using white vinegar

It is a simple and natural method to kill the bacteria and remove the odor. Take a spray bottle and mix one part of pure white vinegar and two parts of plain water and spray it on the car seats. For cloth upholstery, let the solution dry and for leather car seats, wipe off it after a few minutes. You can continue the process until the odor is completely removed.

Using enzyme digester

Using enzyme digester

For cloth seat cover, you can use any enzyme digesters which are easily available in pet aisle stores to remove any odor. You can just spray the solution on the car seat and let it dry. But this method is not suggested for a leather car seat, which kills leather too while killing bacteria.

Using leather cleaner

For leather seat cover, leather cleaners can be used to clean where most of the surface odors can be removed.

Using steam cleaning

By using steam cleaning, both leather and cloth seat covers can be removed by bacteria which causes odors.

In addition to this, some deodorizers also used to remove strong odors from the car seat. If your car seat odor has not been removed by any of the methods then you can go for Car Odor Removal Services which are available in the market. The experts and professionals help you to remove any kind of odors easily with their specialized devices and services.

What is the Difference Between a Polygraph and a Lie Detector?

What is the Difference Between a Polygraph and a Lie Detector

A polygraph and lie detector is the same concept but there is only one difference. Polygraph consists of some types of equipment such as two rubber tubes with the subject’s chest, blood pressure cuff, and galvanometer for measure sweating. These equipment are used to find out the body reactions and the abnormal symptoms from the body. The machine will be recording all of the body conditions. The work of two rubber tubes are filled with air. It will measure the tester’s breath level. It will be placed in the tester’s chest and abdomen. The breathing speed will be measured by these tubes. Then the blood pressure cuff is used to measure the pressure level of the tester. It is a normal cuff used in hospitals to measure blood pressure. When the replacement of the air the cuff will measure the blood pressure level. At lat the galvanometer is used to force more sweat. It will be placed in the tester’s fingertip. That is the place that encourages your sweat.

Truth about polygraph and lie detector

In polygraph testing the tester’s body will be controlled by the machine and every action of the body will be noted. While asking some particular questions the tester’s nervous system will be changed or show abnormal actions. With these changes the machine will monitor the truth. So this is the main concept of a polygraph. Lie detection is the process of verbal statement to find out the truth. The main intension of this lie detection is to find out the truth. Lie detection will find out the non-verbal truth from the tester. It is based on the questioning session for truth-finding. But in many countries they do not accept that lie detection is not give an effective record. The perfection of the truth is not reliable. So they use some technology such as a polygraph. The techniques will be monitoring the changes of a body.

The machine can detect the lie more than verbal questioning. The tactics used to win the polygraph is so effective. But the polygraph testing proofs the better evidence than the verbal testing. In lie detector there is no evidence to prove that is works well. So everyone go for a polygraph testing. In lie detection, the voice is not accurately produced and that is a major reason to quit these techniques. If the voice is clear then you can easily find out the truth with hearing the emotional answers such crying pr fearing voice. In polygraph there is no chance to detect voice because it measures only body actions. By measuring the body activities like pressure level and sweat level it will find the truth. Only the psychological changes will make the person reveal the truth from their heart. The interaction between the examiner and the examinee is the major part of lie detection. The examiner needs to note the examinee’s emotional reaction to the questions you asked for. There are three types of questioning strategies for polygraph and lie detection testing. That is all given here. The first is irrelevant questions. That means asking irrelevant questions may lead tester to ask the truth for an original question. This is the first step to finding truth in both polygraph and lie detection.

Secondly, comparison questions are the middle level of the truth-finding. While the examiner asking the question that related to the truth is the way for tester to reveal the truth. The final questioning type is a relevant question. After asking all of the irrelevant and comparison questions when the examiner asks a relevant question it leads the tester to reveal the truth. Get more info here

How can I Download a Playlist from YouTube Online?

How can I Download a Playlist from YouTube Online

YouTube music downloader’s are useful for the people, who don’t want to use third-party software to download YouTube music videos, fortunately. There are lots of online YouTube music downloader’s on the web. This part offers you three types of YouTube music downloader’s. You may search for royalty-free music post might help you to get free music from the YouTube Audio Library. YouTube downloader’s are SaveMP3, MP3hub, and YouTubeMP3.

Online YouTube music downloader to download a playlist from YouTube

Online YouTube music downloader to download a playlist from YouTube

The first way to download music is the SaveMP3 YouTube downloader. This is an online free audio converter. It also offers Sound Cloud downloader and music playlist downloader. You can save sound cloud songs in MP3 files and download the entire music playlist from YouTube with no restrictions. The followings are the steps below to download music from YouTube. Find your favorite music on YouTube and copy the video link in the address bar. Then paste the video URL into the search box of SaveMP3 downloader. Click the download now button to start to download YouTube music as MP3 format. It supports more than 1000+ video stream websites. It supports over 10+ languages. You can download music playlist; it is free to download music.

The second way is MP3hub; it is a YouTube music downloader that is compatible with most operating systems and devices. It has a user-friendly interface, so you can easily download music from YouTube. It is completely free and other video and audio sharing platforms without registration and duration limit. To download YouTube music to your computer, you just follow few steps. First copy the video link of YouTube music and go to MP3hub and paste the video URL into the search box. Choose the music you would like to save. Then click on download to get the YouTube music. It allows you to download YouTube music in multiple formats. You can download YouTube videos. It is flexible and compatible with most devices and operating systems. You can use the search engine of MP3hub to find the music you are looking for without regional restriction. You can download music from YouTube and other sources like Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

The third way is YouTubeMP3, it is an online audio downloader, and it offers you bookmarks to download YouTube audio. To avoid the hassle of a copy-paste video URL, you can search YouTube music from here. Each research produces a dozen results; you can press Ctrl + Click to open a new tab in your browser and save YouTube music as MP3. It allows you to download YouTube music playlist. It also presents the top 2o of YouTube’s most downloaded music videos to help people find what’s popular now. It is very easy to download YouTube music with YouTubeMP3, follow the steps below. Copy the video URL of YouTube in the address bar. Paste the video link in the search box above. Then you will see the title of the video and multiple download MP3 buttons. Choose the download button you like and save the YouTube music. It allows you to save YouTube music playlist. You have a great choice to get more info click here to downloading YouTube playlists.

How to use Cbd oil for Asthma?

How to use Cbd oil for Asthma

Nowadays there are so many medicinal oils are available in the market and Cannabidiol (Cbd) oil is one among them which has many advantages in it and involves treating various health issues in the human body.

The most mentioned medicinal benefits which have it are:

• Helps to treat asthma
• Helps to reduce the cause of nausea and vomiting,
• Helps in the treatment of psychosis disorders, and
• Helps to reduce the seizure activity of a human body.
It also helps in some of the most medical treatments which includes
• Neurodegenerative disorders,
• Physical disorders, and
• Inflammatory disorders and useful in cancer and tumor-related issues as well.
• In most of the time, this oil is used for anxiety and depression problems.

Good in treating Asthma

Good in treating Asthma

Cbd oil is much effective in treating asthma because of its strong anti-inflammatory agent. By using this oil daily helps to control asthma very easily and also reduces the pain caused by asthma. It is necessary to know how to use cbd oil for asthma, Cbd oil can be taken orally for this condition usually, need to put some drops of oil under the tongue and need to hold until its fully fall on the mouth, and it should not be swallowed directly.

Some other medicinal benefits

This cbd oil can act as one of the major and powerful anti-oxidant agents which helps to clear several health disorders. Also, it has highly rich in some of the vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin E. There are different kinds of medicinal purposes that can be found in this oil which is highly used for various medical purposes. Most of the times this medicinal value cbd oil is used for research purposes, there are several scientists started to do research on this type of oil and some proved that it has highly used for the problem of memory enhancement and some kind of paranoia disease. Many types of research have proved that it has so many health benefits.

Even though it has so many benefits, checking about the risk of taking an extra dosage of oil is very important as well. Only considerable amount of dose can be taken either daily twice or thrice based on your age and issues you have. In case of overdosage, it may lead to serious damages. Proper research and test need to be done before buying any kind of medicinal value products since it highly has the chance of affecting your body, hence it is necessary to check out the product positive side and its impact on the human body is really important to save your body and life as well. Finally, it is no use of worrying or getting issues or facing side effects after buying medicinal products without much knowledge and attention.

How to buy cbd oil?

Buying cbd oil is very simple, you can buy it in both online and offline shops. On the internet, there are many websites which are selling this type of medicinal oils for an affordable price range, you can pick the quantity according to the price range and can buy your desired one. But reading reviews and getting feedback from existing customers helps to avoid the negative and illegal issues after done purchase. Read more here to know more details. Also, you need to make sure that the product is legal or not. Since because this beneficial cbd oil is illegal in some of the countries where it is strictly prohibited. Knowing the negative facts of the product is also important for every purchase of a product even it is more trustable and original.

How To Wear Hijab With Gowns?

How To Wear Hijab With Gowns

Fashion plays a prominent role in all of our lives. For some it makes them feels glamourous and beautiful, for some it is merely finding beauty in comfort and for some it is finding the ultimate combination of bringing together prerequisite religious ornament and clothes that you feel wonderful in. One such creation that has taken the world by storm is the inclusion of the hijab with all other types of clothes without the need of Muslim women to feel awkward, out of place, unfashionable or merely someone wearing mismatched clothes in terms of colour, material or design. This can be seen with the designs released of athleisure with Hijabs made of the required sports jersey material as well as Hijab evening dresses. These can be found on different websites, online stores and even walk in shops.

Exploring these evening gowns

There are now a selection of evening gowns that one can purchase which come with the Hijabs. The selection of Muslim women who wish to be lavish, cozy and even well-groomed should definitely include Hijab evening dresses in their clothing collection. They are elegant, beautiful and come in a range of colours. They come in a variety of designs which appeal to all body types and personal styles. You can use the Hijab evening dresses for several different outings and functions to go to. The outfits are made with quality ingredients and materials with unique prints and patterns.

The styles available

The styles available

Among the distinct patterns of the Hijab evening dresses are the colours they are available in which have black, white, brown as well as dark blue. They are extremely lavish and extraordinary, and definitely make you stand out. They also have options for people who prefer more simple and flexible outfits. There are thus, appreciated by everyone across the globe. They essentially combine quality, comfort and affordability along with striking comfort.

They evening dresses come in different cuts as well, thus there is something to meet everyone’s preferences, body types and even heights. There is thus, a perfect outfit for everyone and can meet everyone’s needs and wants. While some are slightly on the more sequenced, glitter, and fancy side, there are also some on the more simple and intricate side.

You can wear them and feel trendy, fashionable and even chic. You can also find abaya, Islamic tunic as well as head scarves. If you choose to buy them online, and are unaware of your size, the websites usually provide the required size charts and comparisons. The sites and online stores usually give the customers the services of quick delivery, fast shipping and cheap prices. The price ranges from around 20 Euros to even 230 Euros.

If you are looking to find some of these magnificent and breath-taking evening gowns, make sure to find some real and known brands which have a good rating and have been approved of. It is also important to find the size that is right for you and will fit you perfectly. For more info you can visit

How often Should you get a Massage for Neck Pain?

How often Should you get a Massage for Neck Pain

Relax or rest is a kind of amazing thing and actually very important for humans. As you know people do full day hard work and get tired at the end of the day. So, body and mind rest is actually very important for people and that’s why you can find a lot of things in this world that you can use for a great rest. People do different kinds of things such as mental relaxation exercises and they also take health drinks and many more. Enough sleep is also very good for a fresh mind and that’s why people take the help of enough sleep to make their life easy.

If we talk about massaging then without a doubt, massaging is actually very beneficial and good for you and you can get a lot of benefits for your body with the help of massage. People take various types of massage for different and different body parts. You can click this link for body massage. If we talk about neck massage then it actually very good to reduce neck pain. So, in today’s article, we will tell you about neck massage and pain. So, read the article carefully.

Neck pain and neck massage

Neck pain and neck massage

People go with different kinds of things for the freshness of the body such as they take the help of energy drinks, take full or enough sleep and many more. If we talk about massage or massaging then without a doubt, it is actually very beneficial for people and many people love to give priority to massaging. You can click this link for massaging. If we talk about neck pain then without a doubt it is a common problem that can occur by a lot of work or keeping the neck straight. You can also find many other reasons for neck pain.

Without a doubt, it is really hurting and that’s why people take the help of neck massage. Neck massaging is actually good and can help you by reducing your neck pain. So, if you have neck pain or any other pain you can take the help of neck massage. It can surely reduce your pain and can give you a better feel.

How often you should get a massage for neck

Neck massaging is actually very good and beneficial and can help you in many ways. If we say simply then people take the help of various massages for different and different reasons and neck massage is actually very good for your neck. If you have neck pain then you can take the help of neck massage to reduce the pain. It is actually one of the good things that can reduce neck pain.

If we talk about timing then we can say that you should massage for 60 minutes. If we say simply then according to a study getting a massage for 60 minutes 2-3 times a week can be good for you. If you have much pain then you can go with 60 minutes of massage once a week otherwise you can take 30 minutes.


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