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A Breathwork Session

The breath is a high form of technology for self-healing. It can help you to stay grounded, present and in your heart. Breathwork is part catharsis, part socially sanctioned adult temper tantrum, part community building and part psychedelic experience.




Our projects attract individuals who are interested in learning about a new practice to bring balance and stress relief into their lives.


The urban retreat is an annual project that takes place in New York City over the course of a weekend. Guests enjoy multiple immersive experiences.


When personal well-being is prioritized, individuals are better equipped to handle stress and make better work-related decisions.


  • The Uplift Project, Andrea Praet curates and produces events and experiences that are transformative for the mind, body and spirit. He is also the NYC head of production for The Shine Movement, a mindful variety show that inspires individuals to do more.

  • Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Katia came to New York City in 2005 to pursue graduate studies in Counseling Psychology at Columbia University. Upon graduating he served chronically mentally ill adults and later children in foster care.









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What is Vitamin iv Therapy?

What is Vitamin iv Therapy

Nowadays everyone wondered about this vitamin iv therapy because it is a therapy that gives energy to the person. In this therapy, the person injected by a therapist a mixture of minerals and vitamins. So they inject this mixture into the person’s blood directly. And it provides an immediate result and it is effective also. this therapy is conducted by well-trained professionals with certified licenses so there is no worry about side-effects. Not everyone can take this treatment because the specialist consult the patient-physician about their health status if they say yes to therapy then they can take this treatment otherwise it will not possible.

How to get vitamin iv therapy?

How to get vitamin iv therapy

Already you people it is conducted by the medical professionals and there is a lot of pharmacies are having this treatment. If you are new to this therapy and you do not know about how to get this therapy then here is the helping guide for you. Just read out the instructions and make use of it. A lot of pharmacies offer this treatment so the first thing you need to do is searching such types of pharmacies. Then collect the details about that pharmacy from the patients. If you are satisfied with their reviews then consult them otherwise do not go to that pharmacy.

Why we need vitamin iv therapy?

Today this therapy is used for patients who want to improve their health after affecting by any flu or virus fever. Generally, the patients who suffer from virus fever the stamina and immunity power gets low. So they need some treatment to improve their health to be perfect. You may think if it is safe or not but it is a right thought. Everybody fears about any side-effects but do not worry about side-effects because it is believed to be fully safe treatment. The below-given vitamins are commonly used in the therapy such as amino acids, glutathione, vitamin b, and ascorbic acid.

There are common uses of these vitamins like age management, prevent from illness, improving the immune system, boosting energy, artery cleansing, and detoxification. So who are all need to improve these processes in your body then taking this vitamin iv therapy is the best solution. It is more effective and worth its cost. Once you take this treatment then there is no need to go hospital.

How long vitamin iv therapy takes?

Generally, it takes fifteen to ninety minutes on average. But the boost shots can be finished in a few minutes. Some people may think about the cost and if you have any doubts about the cost just surf it you can get plenty of answers and reviews. Compulsory will take a high cost because of the duration of the treatment. If you consider your health as a matter then do not care about money. And the full form of iv vitamin therapy is Intravenous Vitamin Therapy. It is a method to boost energy so try to take this treatment without any confusion.

How Do I Use Google Maps On My Smartwatch?

How Do I Use Google Maps On My Smartwatch

One of the most influential and simples uses of your smartwatches is getting directions. You can enhance your experience if you have a strong Google wear OS devices.

If you have GPS built-in in your smartwatch, you do not need to connect your watch with your mobile phone for getting directions. But it finds that using Google maps is different on smartwatches than iPhone or other mobile phones.

Here we will provide you with everything about how you need to use this app. It will not install in your watch when you purchase, so you need to install it. 

How To Get Direction On Your Watch?

How To Get Direction On Your Watch

If you want the navigations to feature on your smartwatch, first of all, download the Google maps app from the Google play store and install it with your watch. As we have already told you, you can navigate your watch without connecting it with your iPhone or mobile phones.

You can keep your direction map always on the watch screen. Even if the screen is locked, you will view the map on the screen. There are two methods for direction on your watch: directions by voice, while the other is manual directions.

How to Get Voice Turn-by-Turn Direction:

In this way, you can tell your smartwatch to provide you with directions to a particular place with a voice.

  • When you say OK, Google, you watch, will wake up.
  • Then for telling the direction, say navigate to destination name.
  • Next to that, choose the method of your transportation by foot, by bike or by car.
  • Now a Google Maps card will appear on your watch screen; give it the destination with proper clarification.
  • Your turn-by-turn navigation will begin after that.

How to Get Manual Turn-by-Turn Direction:

If you want to set your destination direction manually, then follow these steps.

  • First of all, go to the Google maps app on your watch.
  • Now push the destination on the appeared map.
  • When you see at the bottom of the display there, you will find a navigate button.
  • Now see on the left side the address of the destination that you want to choose. Here you will also find the mode of transportation which suits you. You can select any of two by walk, car, or cycling.
  • Your manual turn-by-turn direction will start.

You can set any of your desired modes of directions navigation. To learn more, you should visit

How to Get Manual Turn-by-Turn Direction


Your smartwatch is now becoming more beneficial with combinations of many of the advanced tools. The features you only have on your mobiles in the past are now available on your watches. You can use your watch as your direction guide by setting the directions app by Google map. 

How to Make a Wifi Amplifier

How to Make a Wifi Amplifier

Wi-Fi is an essential part of any home in this era of technology. You cannot think even a second without the internet in your life. Using Wi-Fi at home is a great choice of using the internet. 

To boost the capacity of your Wi-Fi, you need to think about a Wi-Fi amplifier. Most importantly, you can make your own amplifier at your home by yourself. 

Steps to Make a Wi-Fi Amplifier

Steps to Make a Wi-Fi Amplifier

You need to follow some specific steps to make your Wi-Fi amplifier at your own home. Be sure you properly follow the steps to get the job done. 

Step-1. Understand How this Works

Basically, putting a sheet of aluminum in the back of your router can help focus your Wi-Fi toward your preferred source with increased power. The process increases the range. 

This is a helpful way that allows you to stay connected to the Internet on items like laptops or desktop computers that are away from your Wi-Fi range.

Step-2. Gather the Necessary Tools

If you really want to make a Wi-Fi amplifier, you should arrange the following items. 

  • An empty, clean 500ml beer, soda, or aluminum can
  • A Stanley knife
  • A pair of sharp scissors
  • A small piece of poster tack

Step-3. Clean the Can with Water

You need to wash out the can properly. Ensure your can is totally out of dust and other harmful elements that can affect the entire system.

Step-4. Remove The Tab From The Top Of The Can

This is simply an easier way to do this. You need to rotate it at a 180-degree angle. Finally, pry it up until it snaps off.

Step-5. Cut The Bottom Off Of The Can

You can fully remove the bottom of the can by using the Stanley knife. The process is very simple and easy.

Step-6. Create the Base of the Wi-Fi Amplifier

it would help if you cut almost all the way around what is used to be the top of the can, making sure to leave around half an inch of the can attaching the top to the rest of the can. At this point, you can flip over the can; the former top goes to serve as the can’s base.

Step-7. Make a Vertical Cut All the Way Down The Can

You need to sing your Stanley knife and cut down the side opposite of the section of the can that’s attaching the base to the rest of the can.

Step-8. Peel Out The Sides Of The Can

The surroundings of the can aren’t attached; you need to pry them apart to form a radar dish-shap

Step-9. Place Adhesive on the Bottom of the Wi-Fi Booster’s Based Item

Put some poster tack on what has been used to be the top of the can. That can help to hold the can in place.

Step-10. Place The Amplifier Behind The Router

Now, it is time to place the amplifier behind the router. The amplifier’s “dish” needs to be facing in the direction toward which you want to boost the signal.

Step-11. Get Your Amplified Wi-Fi

Get Your Amplified Wi-Fi

Finally, you can enjoy the boosted network of your Wi-Fi and get things faster.


To make your technical life enjoyable, boosting your Wi-Fi network is essential without any doubt. Please visit this link to learn more-

What is the Size of a Coffee Scoop?

size of a coffee scoop

Why coffee is preferred all over the world?

Coffee is a brewed drink which is preferred all over the world. Coffee can either served as hot or cold. It depends on the people mentality. Mostly people’s will prefer hot coffee to make them relax and happy. The caffeine present in the coffee bean will makes the people mood fresh and calm. There are many health benefits too present in the coffee but only the limitations of drinking will bring the benefits. Extra consumption will bring the side effects too. There are many varieties of coffee produced all over the world. Each type of coffee is preferred based on the people taste. In coffee centers people will prefer cold coffee most because it is enjoyable thing and comes with cream over it. This makes the coffee to taste sweeter.

How to prefer a prefect coffee?

How to prefer a prefect coffee

Coffee beans are produced from various parts of the world. The taste of coffee varies according to the place where it is produced and how it is roasted. The roasting of coffee beans makes the coffee to taste better. Coffee beans can be roasted and prepared in home but due to laziness and insufficient time we couldn’t prepare it at home. So we prefer coffee powder which is produced in companies. To prepare a strong coffee we need to concentrate on the preposition of the mixing of coffee powder with the milk and sugar. Some will like to black coffee, it has many health benefits, such as reducing cancer, heart issues, cholesterol level, hyper tension, etc., For making prefect coffee we need to take two tablespoon or 0.36 ounce of coffee powder to make a coffee. Two table spoon of coffee powder is used to make 6 ounce of prefect coffee. That is 6 ounce milk is taken and mixed with 0.36 ounce or 10 grams of coffee powder. This coffee tastes too good and prefect. The aroma in the coffee attracts many people towards it.

The size of a coffee scoop is two table spoons or 0.36 ounce. The size of a scoop will vary according to the coffee prepared for how many peoples. If we are preparing for more members than the scoop size will vary. We can’t use same scoop for making all coffees. It takes so much of time to prepare the coffee. We should always prepare easy way to prepare the coffee. In cappuccino centers and coffee bars we need to make coffee for more people in a same time, so it is impossible to use small scoops for making coffee. Here it is replaced by big scoop with same measurements to make the prefect coffee. Coffee taste depends on how we prepare it. If the proposition is not correct then the coffee will taste bitter. All can’t have coffee scoop with them so it can replaced by the table spoon. Both home-made and company branded coffees will be good to use but it depends mainly on how we prepare it and at what consistency we are using the coffee powder, milk and sugar. This will make the prefect coffee.

What Type Of Lens Is Used In Reading Glasses

What Type Of Lens Is Used In Reading Glasses

Once you reach the age of 40s, your eye lenses are less stable, so they cannot be so easily centered once passing between close and remote vision. This makes your near vision worse, called presbyopia, or farsightedness associated with age.

Almost all will undergo a degree of presbyopia, but some will find it worse than others, depending on the severity of the disorder. Some two billion people around the world are projected to have presbyopia – almost a fourth of the world’s population. This is a natural shift in your eyes when you are aged, even though you never had to wear glasses or contacts in your life before.

What The Bifocal Lenses Are?

What The Bifocal Lenses Are

When you are already nearsighted and have a presbyopia, it might sound like a nightmare to remember a second pair of glasses that will help you read small print. While many people prefer to buy multiple frame parts to match their personal style, it cannot be very practical to bring more than one pair with you at all times.

The good news is that you have other possibilities than bringing a second pair of “readers!” Bifocal lenses have two separate viewing areas — a wide distance lens area and a small area at the bottom of the lens to look at close objects like terms.

You can see stuff in the distance when you look up, and you can read small print when you look down. You to have to change the moving from one region to another in your new lens, but if you wear it long enough, your eyes will get used to the transition.

What are Progressive Lenses?

You will note that the transition between distance and close is often fluid if you have ever used bifocals before. Trifocals add a third segment to the lens that helps to bridge the distance between the top and the bottom. Multifocal progressive lenses use technology to make the transition between the different lens areas much smoother and allow a more “seamless” field of view.

You are fortunate for people who do not want a bifocal look — incremental lenses and “no line” bifocals are specially curvy, so that you can see the difference between close lenses and distance lenses with as much vision as possible.

What Are Reading Sunglasses?

It is important to protect your eyes, particularly here in Florida, from harsh UV rays. Many people with presbyopia feel that they have to choose between close vision and proper sun protection while they work outside or relax with a good book. Find out more about reading glasses.

Reading sunglasses feature progressive, sun-proof lenses so that you do not have to move between several pairs of glasses to see the fine details when you are outdoor.

Consider Readers of OTC

Consider Readers of OTC

If your eyes are so ready for use by readers, your eye doctor will let you know. If he or she agrees that it is enough for you, ask him what strength your eyes require. Be sure to chat about your career and the kinds of activities you enjoy, as your doctor can recommend based on the kind of career you do. For example, if you spend 8 hours a day on your computer the power you prescribe is likely to be different from that prescribed if you use a lot of time reading or working in great detail.

What is the Difference Between a Single and Double Flare Tool?

Difference Between a Single and Double Flare Tool

While you are unscrewing the brake lines from the brake’s cylinder, you feel that you have needed to connect the brake line. What is the best tool that is fit for your work?

Surely you need a flare tool for that work, but do you know there are different kinds of flare tools? Two popular types of flare tool are single flare tool and double flare tool.

Both are awesome and beneficial for repairing work, but which one is suitable for you? How would you know that? No worry; you are on the right platform; we will tell you the differences between both flare tools.

Please read our article about what is the difference between a single and double flare tool. It will help you to pick the right one for your repairing job.

What is a single flare tool?

What is a single flare tool

A single flare tool is used for low-pressure jobs. Like the low-pressure lines but it is not suitable for high-pressure jobs such as brake systems. If you want to do flare tubing at the end of the tube, you should pick the single flare tool?

It is not suitable and can cause you problems in the future, such as crack and leakage. Such problems occur easily with a single flare tool.

These single flare tools make your job extra tough if you choose to make a steel line seal properly. So never try the single flare for the tough and high-pressure jobs.

What is a double flare tool?

What is a double flare tool

You have got the idea of a single flare, and now we will explain to you about the double flare tool. These double flare tools are suitable for high-pressure jobs such as brake lines and other steel tubing heavy tasks.

No matter what kind of vehicle you have, double flare tools will be helpful for you. You will find that double flare tools a commonly used tool by professional workers due to its benefits and simple to use.

It makes you flare twice at the end of the steel tube line with a double flare tool. You can handle the tough and pressured brake system with this tool with great ease.

You will rarely face the problems of leakage or cracks that you faced in the single flare tools. In Europe and America, it is very popular to use in the heavy brake system. Because its working is durable and easy to handle any kind of task. If you want to learn more information, then please visit here:

Final Thoughts:

You have gone through our article about what is the difference between a single and double flare tool. We hope you have got a clear idea about both of the tools.

Now you can choose the right tool for your repair work. We have tried our level best to tell you the key difference between a single flare tool and a double flare tool in our above article.

How Effective is Bike Riding for Weight Loss?

How Effective is Bike Riding for Weight Loss

Do you use biking to reduce your body fat? Bicycling is one of the most effective leisure activities that can help you in your weight loss plan. Bike riding is considered as an excellent cardio workout because it involves your whole body. It can provide the best possible help to boost your heart and lung health in an effective manner. Apart from this, bike riding can also help in building muscle strength, improving blood flow, and reduce the stress level in a better way.

Bike riding can also help you to burn your extra body fat and calories so that you can maintain a fit and healthy body. But in order to lose your body weight, it is important for you to maintain an effective biking workout so that you can get the most out of your workout. Here are some things that you can consider whenever you are trying to weight loss by bike riding.

How effective is bike riding for weight loss?

How effective is bike riding for weight loss

Biking is generally considered as a good option for the aerobic exercise and it allows you to get your heart rate up with no injuries or damage to your ankles and knees. It is also known as a good way to reduce your extra body fat in a completely effective and comfortable way. By pedalling your bike, you can easily burn a good number of calories that can help you to reduce your body fat. If you want to lose a few more pounds with your biking workout then here are some things that can help you in your weight loss plan:

Increase the intensity

Pedalling along at the leisurely pace will do not help much in losing your weight. So, it is beneficial for you to push yourself more to work harder and it can help you to achieve your weight loss goals in an effective manner. It allows your body to use more energy to cycle faster and then it will burn more calories so that you can reduce your extra body fat effectively.

Choose the high intensity interval training

With the help of high intensity interval training, you can challenge your body and able to reduce your fat in a quick and effective manner. It involves a short burst of the intense exercise that helps you to burn more calories within less time and help to improve your cardio fitness in an effective manner. When you stop pedalling and the workout is over then your metabolism remains engaged and it can help to burn a lot of extra body fat in an effective manner. While doing the exercise, it is beneficial for you to find out more about the diet plan so that you can achieve your weight loss goal in a quick way.

Go further

When you think you have had enough then you should push yourself to try to go a little further. It can help you to burn your excess fat that can help in weight loss. You can easily find out more on the online platform to maintain a fit a healthy diet with effective exercise for weight loss.

What Is The Best Way To Sleep With Back Pain

What Is The Best Way To Sleep With Back Pain

If you have low back pain every morning, you might be guilty of your sleeping posture. Sleeping in poor positions will cause undue pressure on your spine to flatten the natural curve. It can also induce a back strain and put pressure on your joints to make matters worse. If your morning has back pain, you should consider adjusting the place of your sleep so that your quality of sleep and back health is improved. Here are some sleeping positions which can help relieve lower back pain.

4 Helpful Sleeping Positions in Order to Alleviate Lower Back Pain

Back Pain

1. Sleep with a pillow under your belly on your forehead. Lying on the body’s front is generally known as the hardest place to sleep. This is partially because you can add unnecessary tension in your neck by sleeping on the front. However, you do not have to for those who find it difficult to fall and sleep in another place! In addition, a person with a degenerative disc disease may benefit from sleeping in the front. You may either sit on a slim pillow or dream of sleeping without one.

2. Sleep with a pillow between your legs on your side. Lying on the side is a very common and comfortable place to sleep. Nevertheless, lying on your side will move the spine out of place, causing the lower back to strain. Those who appreciate the luxury of sleep need not be concerned as it is easy to fix it. If you sleep on your side, you should put a strong pillow between your legs. This lifts any leg to the top of the other, enhancing the normal alignment of hips, pelvis and spine. Place a pillow in a position that supports both your head and neck, and consider adding a small pillow to it for extra help if there is a distance between your waist and the mattress left.

3. Sleep with a pillow under your knees on your back. Lying on your back is generally known as the safest way to sleep on a stable back. The weight of the entire length of the largest surface of the body is uniformly distributed by lying on your back. This location also decreases the pressure points, which increases the balance of the head, neck and spine. Positioning a small pillow under your knees will help preserve the natural curve of your spine. All other areas between the body and mattress can be filled with an external support pillow. Place a pillow under your lower back, for example.

Alleviate Lower Back Pain

4. Sleep in the place of the foetus. Adopting the foetal position will benefit those suffering from a herniated disc during the night in particular. This is because lying on your side and tucking your knees to your chest decreases the bending of the spine, thus opening up your joints. Just lie on your back and turn on one side gently. Place your head and neck in a position that supports the pillow. Lift your knees to the chest until your back is slightly straight. Get more information about back pain on google.

Continuous lower back pain will make it difficult to sleep well in the night. However, improving your sleep will improve your sleep quality and health in your spine. Try each of the four sleeping positions above and take the easy measures to get lower back pain relief!

What is the Best way to Get the Most Pain Relief from Cbd Oil?

pain relief cbd oil

Do you know the best way to get the most pain relief from CBD oil? It is an essential fact to learn. If you are interested to learn CBD oil, you should have gained knowledge about the best way to get the most pain relief from cbd oil. Today, in this article, I will discuss what the best way to get the most pain relief from cbd oil is?

CBD may serve as an option for individuals who have constant agony and depend on drugs, for example, narcotics, that can be propensity shaping and cause more results. Again, more exploration is expected to confirm the torment assuaging advantages of CBD oil and different items.

CBD for pain relief

CBD for pain relief

A few specialists believe that CBD cooperates with a centre part of the ECS — endocannabinoid receptors in the mind and invulnerable framework. Receptors are little proteins appended to your cells. They get signals, generally compound ones, from various boosts and suggest the phones react.

So you have to learn these facts more carefully. You may know that more exploration is expected to confirm the torment assuaging advantages of CBD oil and different items. I have some more tips and systems to get the pain relief cbd oil. Keep your catchy eyes on the whole article! Trust me; you will be benefitted and learn something new today.

CBD has gotten progressively well known in the medical care network, and in light of current circumstances. CBD oil for help with discomfort offers a safe, non-addictive option in contrast to narcotics for those experiencing ongoing agony. CBD is accessible in oral/sublingual and effective structures, and we are glad to evaluate your condition and make proposals explicit to you.

Nowadays, it is getting popularity day by day. People are more interested to learn these things clearly. These terms are definitely helpful for our health! Moreover, you should follow the best way to get the most pain relief from cbd oil.

Full-range CBD oil carries a broad scope of cannabinoids that each have their particular restorative impact when ingested or burned-through. At the point when every one of these parts cooperates, they can make a positive synergistic impact on the body. Disconnect items contain the majority of these equivalent segments less the THC.

CBD oil consolidates those segments to maintain different afflictions of the body both intellectually and actually. It is commonly perceived that people and creatures have an endocannabinoid framework, for the most part, confined in the mind and body.



You may find many advantages. Do you trust me? Well, CBD oil diminishes irritation and assists with autoimmunity. It can calm muscle torment and diminishes tension. Yet, I will recommend being not kidding when taking blood thinners and medications for heart arrhythmias. CBD items can influence how alternative drugs are also processed.

Now, you have realized what the best way to get the most pain relief from cbd oil is? Have you liked this article? Try to follow the tips and suggestions more carefully. I will suggest following the best way to get the most pain relief from cbd oil.

What is the Difference Between Cbd Oil and Tincture

Difference Between Cbd Oil and Tincture

Are you a regular user of cbd products? Do you have any concept about cbd oil and cbd oil tincture? Both look the same, as they use for the same purpose and come in the same kind of packages.

Everybody knows the importance of cbd products for many diseases, but very few know that each cbd product does not have the same features.

The most popular and cbd products are cbd oil and cbd tincture; many people think the same. These people are also right because there are no obvious differences found in them.

How could you differentiate both? No wonder anywhere we will provide you some facts about what is the difference between cbd oil and tincture?

What is cbd Oil?

What is cbd Oil

How you can differentiate cbd oil from cbd tincture, it is only the process of their extraction. Cbd oil extracted from the Cannabis Sativa with mixing up of carbon dioxide and oil.

You can use any natural oil such as hemp seed oil or coconut oil; there is no oil choice restriction.

While we see that cbd oil demand is more than a tincture, the only reason behind it is cbd oil simple to use and more effective than a tincture.

What is cbd Tincture?

While we differentiate cbd oil tincture from cbd oil, we found that tincture is the solution prepared by mixing cbd with alcohol and water. There is also the flexibility to use natural oil with this solution to make its flavor better.

Simple is the concept when you mix cbd, alcohol, and water; it is called cbd tincture. While you add some natural oil, it becomes a cbd oil tincture.

Difference between cbd oil and cbd tincture:

There are some major differences among both of them are as under.

• We compared both and found that cbd oils are composed of oils such as MCT oil, Vegetable glycerin, hemp seed oil, and coconut oil. At the same time, cbd tinctures contain herbs, vitamins, water, sweeteners, and alcohol.
• Cbd oils are natural oil-based, while tinctures are alcohol-based.
• Cbd oils are extracted from cannabis with mixing up of Co2 while cbd tinctures are extracted with alcohol.
• cbd oil extracted with Co2 is an easy and cost-effective way, while tinctures are expensive to extract.
• If we compare their use, we found that oils are suitable for absorbing in the body and simple to apply than cbd tinctures.
• While we compare their life on our shelf, we found that cbd tinctures are more convenient than the alcohol base. In comparison, cbd oils have less time of life than tinctures.
• There is great flexibility in the tinctures to make them tasty. You can add any of the flavors in tinctures such as sweeteners, chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. While we taste the cbd oil, they give an unpleasant taste and very difficult to inhale alone.
• On comparing the way of use, we found both can use by keep under your tongue. But there is more flexibility in cbd oil; you can mix it in your food, water, and any other item.

Final Thoughts:

You have read our article, and now you become able to differentiate cbd oil from CBD tincture. We have provided you the detail of some primary differences between both of them. Cbd oil is more popular than tincture due to the flexibility of its use.

We have tried our level best to provide you the necessary information in our article; what is the difference between cbd oil and tincture? We hope your concept about cbd oil and cbd tincture is clear now.


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