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What Makes a Luxury Photographer

What Makes a Luxury Photographer?

There’s value photography, where customers just want someone who knows how to point and shoot a camera and won’t charge them much for marketing photos or family portraits. And then there’s luxury photographers, who take things to the next level.

A luxury photographer understands that Fiona the Fanatic or Luxury Lucy wants signature style and world class quality for her images. They know how to reach her and keep her coming back.



KT Merry, one of the top luxury wedding photographers in the world, has an impeccable sense of style and elegance. She carries this personality throughout her images and her business’s website, blog and social media.

This includes her communication with clients during the discovery process as well. She’s always professional and courteous in her emails, which sets the tone for how she will work with her clients on their wedding day.

Being a luxury photographer requires patience, resilience and an ability to see things through. It also helps if you’re willing to say no to sessions you don’t want or aren’t passionate about, like family or senior portraits. Alison says that by saying no to those types of sessions, she’s been able to focus on her ideal client and create opportunities for fellow creative entrepreneurs in the process. That’s just one of many ways to keep your personal brand in mind when running a photography business, sneak a peek here.


Providing high-end clients with creative work is an important trait that luxury photographers possess. They understand that the right kind of photography can set them apart from the competition and make their clients feel like they are getting their money’s worth.

For example, a wedding photographer might use a studio that offers snacks and beverages, a changing room, and a temperature-controlled environment to keep her clients comfortable. This helps reduce weather-related cancellations and ensures that the client has a positive experience from start to finish.

Similarly, a property photographer might utilize a studio with props and furniture to create a Pinterest-worthy backdrop that reflects the unique style of their clients’ homes. These studios also offer a variety of backdrops and lighting options to ensure that each shoot is as flawless as possible. The result is a bank of exquisite on-brand images that can be used across digital and print platforms. For example, a property shoot could be featured on the company’s website, in blog posts and editorial articles, and in media kits.


If you want to be considered a luxury photographer, it’s important that you have plenty of experience. You’ll need to know how to capture both the big and small details of your client’s day in a high-quality way. Also, you should be able to work well under pressure and in challenging conditions. For example, you may need to shoot a wedding in the rain or snow.

Another way to gain experience is by winning photography competitions. This will show potential clients that you have the skills needed to create amazing images.

Finally, you should have a strong branding strategy that makes it clear to your clients that you offer a luxury service. This will help you to attract the right clients and build a sustainable business. This includes having a website that features beautiful photos and a professional logo. It also helps to have a high-end portfolio that showcases your best work. You can even offer special touches, such as a hand-written note or a custom photo album when you deliver the final images.


Luxury photographers charge a premium for their services

Luxury photographers charge a premium for their services. This means that they also need to be able to communicate the value of their work to potential clients. They need to be able to state their pricing confidently and without hesitation, just like you would see at a high-end store such as Graff or Dolce & Gabbana.

They also need to be able to distinguish their value in the market by using unique visuals, such as a monogram pattern or a specific color palette. Luxury brands often stick with photography and avoid illustrations and graphics, which makes it even more important to be a photographer that can produce beautiful imagery.


To add to this, luxury photographers are typically able to offer a comfortable client experience, such as a studio with snacks and water or changing rooms. This reduces the need for a client to leave the studio and gives them a more relaxing session overall. This is especially true for wedding photography.