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How to Restore Chat in WhatsApp Plus

How to Restore Chat in WhatsApp Plus

Whatsapp plus is a modern app that is a better alternative to WhatsApp official app. These include more features than official WhatsApp.

You can share videos, can audio and video calls, and chat with your friends and business colleagues. But sometimes, it happens that your app does not work correctly. What we do the best option is that uninstall the existing app and re-install it.

But there is a chance that you will lose all your conversations and chats. So what you should do if you mistakenly uninstall the app, but you want to restore your chats.

We researched and found that you can restore your lost Chat in WhatsApp plus. Please read below the content on how to restore Chat in WhatsApp plus and seek guidance from us.

How to restore Chat in WhatsApp plus?

How to restore Chat in WhatsApp plus

Two options will help you recover your Chat back up in your android phone or with a new android phone.

  1. Restore up through Google Drive.
  2. Restore Chat from a local backup.

Restore up through Google drive:

It is a simple way to restore the backup of Chat in WhatsApp plus. You need to download WhatsApp plus and register with the same phone number, and your Gmail logged in on your old mobile phone.

Steps to restore your Chat:

• If you are with a new mobile, then go to the play store and download WhatsApp plus. But if you are doing with the same cell phone, then uninstall the app and then re-install WhatsApp plus.
• Now register with WhatsApp plus and verify it with the same mobile number.
• When you enter the app, you will see a notification for your old WhatsApp.
• Tap that restore button, and your chat backup will start restoring from the Google drive.
• When the restoration process is complete, push the next button; after that, your chat will be displayed.
• With some simple steps, your Chat will begin to restore, and step by step, within a couple of moments, all your Chat and files will recover in that account.

Restore Chat from Local Backup:

Restore Chat from Local Backup

Another method for restoring chatting in WhatsApp plus is the local backup. Every phone creates it back up at 2.AM daily and stores the last seven days back up.

What do you need to do? Attach your old mobile phone with a computer and shift all the files on your computer. After that, you can transfer these files to your new mobile.

When you install the files in that new phone after creating an account, these files will appear in your WhatsApp. These files will be available in the file manager and your phone’s SD card / internal memory.

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Final Thoughts:

Your data in WhatsApp has tremendous importance, and sometimes you may lose your necessary data if your WhatsApp plus got problematic or you lost your mobile.

We have provided you guidance about how to restore Chat in WhatsApp plus. We hope it will be helpful for you.