How to Fold a Comforter for Storage

How to Fold a Comforter for Storage

The winter leaves your earth, but you are still thinking about how you manage your comforter. No worries!!! You can fold it and keep it into a safer place where nothing can damage it.

A comforter is not for one-time use. So be fast to think to store it in the right place.
But folding the comforter is very frustrating. However, following some tips can reduce frustration.

Today we will give you some tips on how to fold a comforter for storage, and you can easily be adept on doing this job.

The right ways to fold a comforter for storage

The right ways to fold a comforter for storage

Though this job is something different and grueling, intensive research on the steps of this process can ignore the grueling part.

In this article, we will show some clear steps for better understanding. Let’s go with us.

Step-1. Start with clean and dry bedding.

Before you start folding to store your comforters, duvets and quilts, they need to be clean, but they must be to be dry.

Once you wash your blankets or bedding before storing them, be sure that they are completely dry and there is no moisture left so that you can get it very easy to fold it for storage.

Step-2. Optimal storage conditions

The quality way to store a comforter is neatly folded on a shelf in a comforter storage closet. It provides as much airflow as possible to get your comforters to breathe, which helps ward off mold, mildew and unpleasant, musty smells.

This could be the default method to store any comforter in the closet.

But the matter of regret that many of us don’t get to have that kind of space, so we tend to store our bedding wherever it’ll fit.

Generally, you need to keep your bedding apart from sheds, attics or garages whenever possible.

Step-3. Weight Matters

If you think your comforter is thin or thick, then you don’t need to pull out a tape measure or ruler.

Just get a glimpse on the comforter and measure about thickness with your best guess ability.

Knowing all these things will fix how you fold it. “For thicker comforters and bedspreads, lay flat and fold each (side) one-third of the way,” says Sun.

He also says “For thinner blankets and quilts lay them flat, and fold each corner toward the centre, making sure the fold is on the bias.

Step-4. Storage Solutions

When the folding process ends, then move to store it into a safer closet so that nothing can harm it and you can use it in future.



A comforter is an essential part of life in winter. It provides you with warmth during winter. When winter goes for a vacation, it is quite unnecessary and messy to get this thing into your bed.

It is worth the decision to place the comforter into safe storage for the arrival of next winter.

If you feel it difficult even a bit, get you quality time to go through our article how to fold a comforter for storage.