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How Do I Use Google Maps On My Smartwatch

How Do I Use Google Maps On My Smartwatch?

One of the most influential and simples uses of your smartwatches is getting directions. You can enhance your experience if you have a strong Google wear OS devices.

If you have GPS built-in in your smartwatch, you do not need to connect your watch with your mobile phone for getting directions. But it finds that using Google maps is different on smartwatches than iPhone or other mobile phones.

Here we will provide you with everything about how you need to use this app. It will not install in your watch when you purchase, so you need to install it. 

How To Get Direction On Your Watch?

How To Get Direction On Your Watch

If you want the navigations to feature on your smartwatch, first of all, download the Google maps app from the Google play store and install it with your watch. As we have already told you, you can navigate your watch without connecting it with your iPhone or mobile phones.

You can keep your direction map always on the watch screen. Even if the screen is locked, you will view the map on the screen. There are two methods for direction on your watch: directions by voice, while the other is manual directions.

How to Get Voice Turn-by-Turn Direction:

In this way, you can tell your smartwatch to provide you with directions to a particular place with a voice.

  • When you say OK, Google, you watch, will wake up.
  • Then for telling the direction, say navigate to destination name.
  • Next to that, choose the method of your transportation by foot, by bike or by car.
  • Now a Google Maps card will appear on your watch screen; give it the destination with proper clarification.
  • Your turn-by-turn navigation will begin after that.

How to Get Manual Turn-by-Turn Direction:

If you want to set your destination direction manually, then follow these steps.

  • First of all, go to the Google maps app on your watch.
  • Now push the destination on the appeared map.
  • When you see at the bottom of the display there, you will find a navigate button.
  • Now see on the left side the address of the destination that you want to choose. Here you will also find the mode of transportation which suits you. You can select any of two by walk, car, or cycling.
  • Your manual turn-by-turn direction will start.

You can set any of your desired modes of directions navigation. To learn more, you should visit

How to Get Manual Turn-by-Turn Direction


Your smartwatch is now becoming more beneficial with combinations of many of the advanced tools. The features you only have on your mobiles in the past are now available on your watches. You can use your watch as your direction guide by setting the directions app by Google map.