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How Can I Download A Video From Instagram To My Computer

How Can I Download A Video From Instagram To My Computer?

From kids to elderly people, Instagram is the favorite app to spend their time. It takes pride of place on many young adults smartphone. It is a social networking app that allows users to share their pictures and videos. Users can share their day-to-day activities or festive occasion pictures and videos to share their happiness with everyone. This app can be connected to existing social networking profiles such as Facebook and Twitter which allows users to share photos across platforms. Instagram allows you to block an account and report a photo or video.

Following Pages

Your interest can be in different fields like engineering, sports, nature, music, travel, movies, etc. There are different types of public profiles available on it. You can follow the favorite page of yours. The photos and videos they upload will appear on the Instagram feed. People also love following the pages of celebrities and like to watch photos and videos of them with their family or friends.


There are many popular features in Instagram. Some of them are mentioned below:

Instagram Direct

When you see a video or photo you like, you might think of sharing it with your friends. With the help of Instagram Direct, you can share videos, photos, hashtag pages, profiles, and locations with one person or a small group of people(up to 15 people) from the user’s newsfeed.

Instagram Questions

This is mostly used by celebrities and public figures. They answer the questions posted by their followers. If you send a question to someone you follow, they can post that question and answer it in their story.

Instagram Stories

Users can post a selection of photos/videos into on story and they disappear after 24 hours. They have the same privacy settings like the user’s Instagram profile.

Instagram Ads

Regular Instagram posts that are always identified by a “ Sponsered” label are the Instgram ads. The types of ad formats include:

  • Stories ads
  • Video ads
  • Photo ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Collection ads
  • IGTV ads
  • Explore ads
  • Instagram shopping ads

Each ad has a different business goal and has different call-to-action options available. You can use create a promotion option from your business account to advertise the brand.

Download A Video From Instagram To The Computer

We can save the videos on Instagram and watch it whenever you feel like watching it. But, we want to download our favorite videos on our computer. Some people are fond of nature and they have the habit of collecting the best nature videos all around the world. People who are interested in sports can collect videos related to sports. People who suffer from stress often search for some motivational videos on Instagram. A video downloader app or online  Instagram to MP4 converter can help you to download your favorite videos from Instagram. Copy the link of your favorite video which you want to download from the Instagram. Use Google and search for Instagram video downloader online. Click the downloader link and paste the link copied from the Instagram. Select the preferred video quality and click download. The video will be downloaded in your computer.

Benefits of Using Instagram

Instagram encourages creativity. People who have interests like art, photography, painting, etc can make use of this platform effectively. They can create pages that can be viewed by the public and post their best content. Based on the likes and increase in the number of followers, the page can gain popularity. You can keep up-to-date with news and with friends.