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broken sink stopper

How to Replace a Broken Sink Stopper?

Have you ever faced the problem of water drain in your Sink and found that a broken stopper gives you that trouble.

What you do when you face such a problem, indeed you hire a plumber and resolve your issue. But we had a solution for you which will assist you in future and will save you money.

Why you should not try to resolve this issue on your own, you stay here with us we will guide you how you will replace your broken sink stopper with ease.

No doubt replacing of broken drain stopper is difficult, but with following our prescribed way, you will complete your job with simplicity.

Stay with us on our article how to replace a broken sink stopper.

Essential points to replace a broken drain stopper:

Essential points to replace a broken drain stopper

There are some essential points to note while you are replacing the broken drain stopper of your Sink.


Arrange equipment such as a screwdriver, Vinegar, gloves, flashlight and wrench.

Identify the Type of the Drain Stopper:

The next important thing which you need to replace a broken drain stopper is a type of drain stopper. After identifying the type of stopper, you will replace the drain stopper with ease.

Replacement of triple lever drain stopper of Sink:

If you have a triple lever drain stopper in your Sink, found the clip which will be located at the cover plate with the plunger.

While you remove this clip, it will help you to pull plunger of the stopper slowly, and you can spray that area with a liquid wrench and then make it free to get out.

If it still not free, then you should take help of pliers to take out the rod in an easy way just by a little amount of force.

Replacement of Lift-Turn Drain stopper from Sink:

It is simpler than above use screwdriver for replacing the cap of the stopper after that exert some force and pull it out. You do not need to exert much force; it may break your other items.

Replacement of Push-Pull Drain Stopper of Sink

Replacement of Toe-Touch Drain Stopper in Sink:

Suppose you have toe-touch stopper in your Sink than try to unscrew and move the topper cap in a counterclockwise direction to remove the stopper. If you are facing problem in removing the stopper, you should try flat heated screwdriver which will provide you better results than other screwdrivers.

Replacement of Push-Pull Drain Stopper of Sink:

When you need to replace a push-pull drain stopper of your Sink than follow some simple steps, identify the knob of the stopper which will present on the top of the stopper.

First of all unscrew this knob by rotating it counterclockwise with a flathead screwdriver, after that pull out the stopper drain gently.


It is common to see the problem of broken drain stopper in Sink. You can now replace the broken drain, stopper yourself with just simple ways.

Identify the type of your drain stopper and replace them according to the above-provided guidelines. We hope you have understood how to replace a broken sink stopper. If you want to learn more details, please visit this link