Why do Watches Stop Working When I Wear Them

Why do Watches Stop Working When I Wear Them?

When you have a luxury watch or it stops working or slows down sometimes. Don’t be worried because you can contact the experts to repair the watch. Rather than purchase on new watcher, you can check out the reasons why the watch is no was stopped. However, there are several reasons why a watch stops working efficiently or a professional may be able to fix it or not.

Damage by water

Do you realize that even a solitary drop of water within the watch will influence how the watch functions? The little pieces of the watch wheels will get rusted when presented to the water and will quit working throughout a brief timeframe, to such an extent that the pinion wheels and parts will not have the option to be repaired, but will be supplanted. This is sometimes because of seals inside the watch coming up short and can even occur from contact with clamminess or moisture.



When you use your hands day by day and for nearly everything, some actual harm can be normal with watches. This can go from regular exercises at your work environment causing something inside the watch to turn out to be free or broken because of the redundant action, or even to the inward wheels or cogwheels to break because of unintentionally dropping your watch when you are putting it on or taking it off. Maybe when taken to a gem dealer, the watch ought to be shipped off the producer, contingent upon the degree of the actual harm. Look at this article to get a thought regarding a lot of your watch repair should cost.

Low-quality manufacturing

If you have ever observed within an extravagance watch, you realize that there are numerous small cogwheels and pieces that are needed to make your watch tick. In this manner, because there are so numerous little parts, and we are just human, sometimes the parts could have not been set up effectively. When this occurs, the little pieces may get disconnected or moved around, causing the watch to quit working. A straightforward excursion back to the producer might be all that you require to fix this issue.

If the watch is digital

High level of Current

If you have ever perused the Internet after looking why did watch stops working? you will see that you run over these dark sounding accounts of individuals who are persuaded that they can’t wear watches because each watch they attempt to wear just kicks the bucket right away. In some rare cases, individuals will put on a watch and it will just quit ticking. This marvel, as odd as it sounds, is because of high electrical flows in an individual’s body. Contingent upon the degree of electrical flows in your body, or if you have ever been presented to power, you may affect the battery life of your watch and if it works or not.

If the watch is digital-

  • The size of the battery
  • What works your watch has and how regularly you use them
  • How frequently you use the chronograph work Leaving it running will cause the battery life to diminish quickly
  • Has your watch been in outrageous temperatures for a drawn-out timeframe

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