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Which Direction Should a Medical Mask Face

Which Direction Should a Medical Mask Face?

The surgical face masks are something that our beautiful Lovely Earth has not seen before. The face mask is used to prevent you from the virus and saliva of another person, because that may affect by any virus fever. If you like to make some for our family and friends, we can all band together to share our skills and lend a hand to others in this tragic time of need. While these face masks are not technically medical grade, they may help in the prevention of spreading any particles when you or someone else sneezes. The mask may be used in cases of, colds, the flu, or other airborne illnesses. Check with your local doctor’s surgeries, hospitals, nursing homes or anywhere where they may be helpful, as your beautiful masks could be really helpful for others who may not be able to sew.

How to make a medical face mask?

How to make a medical face mask

You need fabric, pieces of flat elastic or ribbon, seven inches of metal wire, sixteen gauge wire, but would imagine that a straightened out paper clip would likely work in a pinch, and filter for the pocket option to make the better and comfortable mask. These are the important things to make the face mask with the filter. The filter is used to filtering the air; this will help to provide the purified air to breathe. First, you should cut two pieces of fabric in a seven-point five-inch square. Then pin and sew across the top and the bottom using a half-inch seam allowance. Then trim the seam allowance which is fitted to you and turn to the right side and press. To form a casing, stitch through both layers along the top edge, again with a half-inch seam allowance. Fold the leading edge of the wire in just a bit so that it does not poke through the fabric. Then insert into the casing. Bend the opposite side. Read this article to get more info about the medical face mask.

How to pleating the medical face mask?

How to pleating the medical face mask

To form the pleats, mark your mask at the measurement of points from the top. This will be your guide to fold the pleats. If you aren’t the exacting type of person, just wing it. The mask needs to be pleated so that it is three point five inches tall. However, it is cut to the same dimensions as if it were sewn with a half-inch seam allowance at top and bottom. Each pleat will be folded in half-inch deep. Fold pleats up, toward the top of the mask and pin. Stitch along pleats using a half-inch seam allowance. Repeat for the opposite side. Pin and stitch right over the previous row of stitching. If you do not want to make bias tape, keep reading. You have another option for you. Take one piece of elastic and using a safety pin, draw it through the mask side casing. Tie in a slip knot. Repeat for the opposite side. Trim knot ends and pull through the casing to conceal. Repeat for the opposite side. Now your mask is complete try it on and bend the wire for a comfortable fit.