Where to Buy Used Medical Equipment Online

There are plenty of places to buy new medical equipment; but quite frankly, they’re rather expensive, and slightly used equipment provides practically the exact same product for a much cheaper price. So, then, if you need used medical equipment–a broad term encompassing almost all items a hospital should be equipped with (gurneys, microscopes, patient monitors, autoclaves, etc., and much more)–where can you look online? Googling “used medical equipment” doesn’t help–there are too many websites to know which ones have what you need. To make matters worse, some of the websites–like–have “new and used equipment”, which complicates your search (most of their items are new). Without further ado, here are the best websites for buying used medical equipment online.


PEMED (Production Engineering Medical Equipment Division, found, has been in business for 20 years, until recently occupied the #1 Google ranking under a search for used medical equipment, and is quite simply the best used medical provider in America. While some buyers are put off by PEMED’s no-nonsense attitude– nonserious buyers are quickly recognized and turned away–for serious buyers, PEMED provides quality used medical equipment at an excellent value. Questions via phone and email are promptly returned if their user-friendly website doesn’t answer a specific question. The only knock on PEMED is that they don’t accept credit-cards–this serves to weed out the nonserious buyers, so this doesn’t concern people like you. Every item on the website is physically in stock and well-photographed. All you need to know about PEMED is found on their website:

  1. “Everything we sell is, without exception, in stock in our warehouse. Unless we’ve sold it.
  2. We grade every item according to the MedConTM condition rating system. Developed by PEMED, it is an objective way of judging the quality and condition of used equipment.
  3. We do not oversell an item. We will tell you the strengths and weaknesses of our knowledge. This is medical equipment; questions must be answered, if not by us then someone who is knowledgeable.
  4. Everything sold as is; every medical end user purchase has a 14 day no questions asked return policy.
  5. 20 years in business – 82 countries worldwide.

How do we do it? We buy over 80 truckloads of equipment each year. That’s how we bring you the largest selection and lowest prices – we guarantee it.”

PEMED should be the first website you visit when you look for used medical equipment.

#2 DotMed & MedWow

If you would prefer buying via an auction, DotMed or MedWow are the premier destinations for online auctions. The disadvantage to buying via auction is its hit-or-miss nature–the specific item you are looking for might not be listed, and there isn’t a sales manager you can email or call who can tell you what they have and don’t have, what condition it is in, etc. DotMed and MedWow are merely third-party agents–in most cases, you don’t know who the actual seller is (though you are able to contact them). Nevertheless, many good deals can be found in auctions, and either can hook you up with that one piece of equipment you desire–provided that you are patient and prepared to spend a little time searching around. MedWow’s website is better put-together; however, DotMed has been in business much longer, MedWow is based in Cyprus. I would recommend you start with DotMed, but MedWow is also a possibility.

(If you are hell-bent on buying your equipment via an auction, you can try but it seems that all they have going for them is a good Google ranking. However, I have not had personal experience with the company, so you could give it a try if you really want to.)

#3 a2z DME

Available at https://a2z-dme.com/, a2z DME provides refurbished equipment at reasonable prices. Like PEMED, they have photographs of their equipment and a very large inventory. Their user-friendly website is a very solid option as well, behind PEMED.

Those are the top websites that you should visit; it would greatly surprise me if you haven’t found what you need at those websites. There are many other websites that can provide new and used medical equipment–you could spend a few hours searching and finding the website with the lowest price on the item you desire. In general, however, you get what you pay for, and the above websites will have what you need at a reasonable price. The search for used medical equipment doesn’t need to be so complicated–with these websites, it most certainly isn’t.