What Color Night Light is Best for Babies

What Color Night Light is Best for Babies?

When we talk about our baby’s sleep, we consider things such as a mattress and clothes to keep the baby’s temperature moderate and other bed features.

But there are many other things that we need to check and maintain to ensure our baby’s good sleep at night. Millions of people are making the mistake of not paying attention to the lighting system in their rooms.

The quality of sleep is also attached to the lighting system in the room. So when you are working for quality sleep, then also consider the Night lights.

What color is night light best for babies?

What color is night light best for babies

When you are going to install the night lights in your children’s rooms, you may find several of the choices to install in the room.

But it does not mean any of the Light can be used in the room; babies are not much conscious about Light, but it is wrong nigh Light also affects the quality of sleep of babies.

When you are purchasing the Light, make sure about choosing the right night lights for your kid’s room. For choosing the right night light, you should consider the choice of the right Light’s wavelength.

Different colors have different wavelengths; higher wavelengths can disturb your baby’s sleep.

What is the relationship between night light and sleep?

There is a strong relationship between Light and quality of sleep. The human brain needs to excrete the hormone melatonin, which makes us sleepy.

Excretion of this hormone from the brain is attached with the Light; lights such as white, green or blue, which are dim lights, give more signal to the mind to release that hormone.

When you have the right combination of night lights in your kid’s room, it quickly activates the brain to release that hormone, ensuring early and deep sleep at night.

Which Light is best?

Which Light is best

The popular night lights colors are white, blue, green and red. Among them, red is not the right choice because it has a higher wavelength, which irritates eyes and disturbs sleep quality.

But the green, white and blue lights with low wavelengths can give a quality sleep to your kids at night. They affect the mind’s performance and help the mind early excrete the melatonin hormone for good sleep.

What are some simple Sources of right Night Lights?

You can use many of the simple items as the source of such low wavelength lights, such as you can use your mobile phone and simple torches.

These phones, tablets and torches emit white Light, which is best for quality sleep. But you can also get the right night lights with a lower wavelength in white, blue or green color for better sleep of your children.

Final Thoughts:

Night Lights are essential to consider, especially when you want a good quality sleep for your children. Babies’ sleep is closely related to the colors of the lights. The colors such as red with higher wavelengths are not good, but the lower wavelength containing lights such as white, blue and green can be used as night lights in your kids’ room.