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What Can I Drink With Invisalign

What Can I Drink With Invisalign?

When you have taken up traditional braces, it is mandatory to follow eating restrictions such as avoiding hard foods, cutting down large pieces of meat as well as sandwiches into smaller size. But have you ever wondered about the eating restriction to be followed after taking up Invisalign.  Yes, this technology has been loved by many since it is invisible and serves the purpose better. It lets the patient to behave normal and gives the power to do everything the love such as participating in sports and hanging out with friends. Yet, when it comes to maintaining the right oral practise, it is mandatory to make few changes from the regular life. If you have taken up invisalign Singapore, then explore this article to know better.

What to Drink with Invisalign?

Drink With Invisalign

People who have taken up invisalign wonders what they can drink and what not? In point of fact, you can drink anything you want but the only condition is to take off the aligners before consuming them. It is better to have nothing more than water with the aligners on. Some of the reasons are listed as follows.

  • Invisalign aligners are made from clear plastic. When you drink coffee, sugared or hot beverages, it affects the plastic to wrap. When the plastic wraps, it will affect its fitness. This will prolong the time to achieve target results or might reduce the efficacies of the treatment. This is why patients should not drink anything with invisalign on.
  • Having sugary drinks or acidic beverages with invisalign would paves a way for cavity and other dental problems such as erosion of tooth enamel. In general, the aligners fits securely against your teeth. When sugar or acid from your drink trap between the aligners and teeth, it gradually brings in cavity causing bacteria. Even if you drink sugary or acidic beverages without aligners, it is better to goggle your mouth or brush them before fixing it on. This avoids the chances of cavity and other dental problems.
  • Stains is another major problem experienced when drinking sugar or acidic beverages with aligners on. Stain are evident to others eyes and it create unwanted embarrassment in front of everyone. It is better to take the aligners off before treating your taste buds.
Drink with Invisalign

Consult your orthodontist about effectually managing your invisalign. They assist you eases the process of managing it while getting desired results. If you had drunk something with aligners on due to some inevitable circumstances, it is better to drink more water. It helps to wash away the sugar, acid and plague deposited on your teeth. Drinking water also paves a way for better saliva secretion and saliva neutralizes the plague acids. This keeps your teeth healthy. It is better to goggle your mouth with excess water before you placing the aligners in.

When you have invisalign all day, do not forget to follow the oral practise. It assist you maintain good oral health and also assist you procure the target results.