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Vintage Charm Bracelet Craft Project

You can use inexpensive damaged vintage jewelry to make the cutest retro charm bracelets. I like to salvage damaged or broken vintage necklaces from the local flea market and GoodWill to make these sweet retro charm bracelets. This is an inexpenxive way to get old beads and create something new with them.

To Make a Vintage Charm Bracelet You Will Need:

  • Old Necklaces
  • Elastic Thread
  • Silver Charms
  • Lockets
  • Scissors
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Necklace clasps

To get started you want to go ahead and cut a12 inch piece of elastic thread. Look for a jewelry weight thread, which is thicker.

Lay this out on your table.

Now, take apart the vintage necklaces. You want to be careful doing this. I like to line up small glass jars to pour the matching bead into. Simply cut off the necklace clasp on the ends of the retro necklace. Hold them to the side as well.

Slide the beads into the jars.

Tip: Many vintage necklaces are made on string as well. The string is tied on to metal necklace hardware. If this is the case, then cut the threads off and reserve the necklace clasps of your bracelet.

Tie one on each end of your elastic thread after you determine how long it needs to be to reach around your wrist.

Now, if you did not have this clasp, then tie a knot in one end of the elastic thread. Start by slipping on three of your vintage beads.

Next, slide on a locket, charm, or miscellaneous part of a vintage piece of jewelry. Slide on 3 more beads. Repeat this pattern until the bracelet is full of beads and charms.

Tip: If you are having no luck finding vintage charms and lockets, then try mixing in new pieces. You can get the look of the vintage beads on the retro bracelet, but have better control over what the charms are. You can and great silver charms at any major department store and even in the craft store.

Finally, take the final end of your elastic thread, cut it to length to fit around yoru wrist and tie it in a knot on the other end. It works best to undo that first knot holding the beads in place. Then tie the two ends together.

You can buy elastic string in the craft store in the jewelry section. Look for elastic thread that states on the package it is of necklaces and other jewelry crafts. This way you know it will stand up to everyday use.