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Total Focus Program Review

Total Focus Program Review: Improve Children’s Attention, Concentration and Self-Control

Total Focus is an alternative ADHD treatment program designed for parents and teachers to use to improve the symptoms of ADHD in children. Total Focus was written and designed by Dr. Robert Myers, a Child Psychologist with 25 years of experience working with those who suffer from ADHD.

Overview of the Total Focus Program

Overview of the Total Focus Program

The Total Focus Program begins with a comprehensive explanation of ADHD including symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment. Then with audio cd’s for both the parents and the children and a workbook that follows along, the Total Focus Program begins to explain ideas that help mold student’s behavior.

The first lesson focuses on some simple quick tools parents can implement immediately for a quick change in their children. Lesson two explains in detail how to use behavior plans. Lesson three details methods of teaching children how to relax through the use of biofeedback. Lesson 4 provides concrete ideas for applying the principals of the Total Focus program in the home. Lesson 5 focuses on technics to help improve a child’s self-control. Lesson 6 focuses on improving attention and concentration, visit this web-site.

Strengths of the Total Focus Program

The Total Focus Program provides parents with the tools and strategies that special education teachers use every day with much success. The specific ideas and strategies provide parents with tools that will help manage the difficulties that come with a child with ADHD. The combination of audio and visual lessons provides an effective learning tool for both parents and their children.

The Total Focus Program also focuses on bringing families together. Through family meetings, going through lessons together and practicing various exercises together this program will help to improve the parent-child relationship along with the student’s ADHD symptoms.

Weaknesses of the Total Focus Program

Weaknesses of the Total Focus Program

While the Total Focus Program does spend time explaining Attention Deficit Disorder, much of the behavior modification focus in the program comes across with the idea that the child can change his behavior simply because he wants to. This implies that parents simply need to find that reward or motivating thing that will magically change their child’s behavior. In fact ADHD is an actual disorder that a child can no more change through desire than a person with diabetes can eat a piece of cake and keep their blood sugar in the normal range through sheer desire.

Parents who desire to see change in their children with ADHD would gain much through the use of this program, provided they keep focus on the fact that their child has a disability. The Total Focus program provides parents with tools and strategies that will help them understand and confidently work with their child on a daily basis. While the Total Focus Program cannot cure ADHD, it does have the potential to improve the symptoms.