Things to do for Restoring Pages in Chrome

Things to do for Restoring Pages in Chrome

When you are using Google chrome and it crashes, then you can lose all your webpage. If for some reason you forgot to make a bookmark of the web page that you are using, then it might be difficult for you to find it again. Well, there are various ways by which you can recover the closed web pages. Google chrome offers different features using which you can simply restore all the pages that were closed. If you want to learn about them, then you can read the following options.

How to restore if your computer restarts unexpectedly

How to restore if your computer restarts unexpectedly?

If you do not have a proper electric supply at your area and the computer restarts after a power cut, then you might lose all the web pages. To recover them you can simply restart your computer and open chrome again. You will see a dialogue box on the top right corner where it will say to restore all the close web pages. You can simply click on the popup box and restore all the close web pages.

Restore page if you forget the URL of the website

One of the simplest ways to restore any closed web pages by using your browser history. All you have to do is visit your browser history by pressing control + H button, you can see all the links that you visit in the past. If you remember the time, then you can simply go to that time and click on the link. Otherwise, you can search for the name of the web page or any other information you have and look for the link in the options.

Shortcut to open the closed webpage

Shortcut to open the closed webpage

The shortcut button to restore a closed webpage is Ctrl+Shift+T, so you can use it after restarting your browser. It will automatically restore all the closed web pages and you can restart your work from the place where you stopped.
Steps to properly restore the webpage

You can visit this link and learn about all the steps to restore the closed webpage. It will surely help in improving your experience and ensure that everything is done properly.

• Click on the customize and control – To restore close webpage you have to click on customize and control option which is located on the top right corner. It will be three vertical dotted symbols and you have to click on it.
• Go to History – After that, you have to take your mouse to the history option, which will then open a new box.
• Select the recently closed tabs – Now you can see the recently closed option in the history menu. You can either click on the recently closed tab option to select the links from the history to open the link that you want to use again.

You can visit this link if you want more details about chrome. It is quite easy to download and you can simply use it on your computer without any type of problem. Google chrome always provides the latest features in their regular features so that users can enjoy an amazing experience.