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The Ultimate Guide To Product News Site

The Ultimate Guide To Product News Site will teach you how to generate massive traffic on your product news site by adding content upgrades and case studies. If you want to make the most of your content upgrades, you should offer your readers exclusive expert interviews, free 5-day email courses, expanded ultimate guides, and even a free design template and strategy template. All of these extras will entice users to exchange their email addresses for additional juicy content.

Content upgrades

If you want to increase conversions, you should consider implementing content upgrades on your product news site. They are a good way to offer your readers something useful at a time when they are most likely to need it. These content upgrades also follow the reciprocity principle – people want to reward others for good deeds. Moreover, they give you an opportunity to promote your product or service later. To maximize conversions, you should target high-traffic pages. You can even create a private forum for your readers to discuss the product or service, continue to read here.

Case studies

A case study is an article or video that highlights a customer’s experience with a product. These stories are powerful sales tools that demonstrate that a product or service is meeting a real need. A case study that features the business metrics of a specific customer is a great way to convince prospects that you’re the right company for the job. If you’re considering using case studies on your product news site, consider the following guidelines.


For the techies, here are some great examples of product news sites. Gizmodo has an awesome review section, and their science and technology sections are packed full of knowledge. TheVerge has an excellent website and YouTube channel for gadget news and reviews. You might be interested in a new watch, but you can also get your tech fix with the latest gadget reviews on And if you’re interested in hearing what the tech experts think of the latest technology, then Ubergizmo is another great option.