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The Slender Man

The Slender Man: Internet Meme or Rising Conspiracy Theory?

As technology advances and the Internet becomes an even bigger part of everyone’s lives information can spread faster than ever. This lead to the creation of Internet memes; a subject or idea that is spread primarily through the Internet practically overnight. LOL Cats began life as a meme, and they’re not an institution. And though many of these memes are about existing conspiracies like the Illuminati or “birther” ideas from the Tea Party, others are grown out of whole cloth,To learn more info on memes, you’ve to browse our website.

The Internet meme of the Slender Man is one of the latter, and it’s taken on a macabre life of its own.The slender man is described as a figure in a black suit with a white shirt and a black tie. The figure appears threatening and ghoulish, with no face and limbs that appear strangely elongated. There are those who claim that when the Slender Man stretches out his arms he becomes hypnotic. Others claim that the Slender Man is a complete shapeshifter, and that its fingers and body can grow into tentacles. Photographs that accompany the Slender Man meme claim that it appears suddenly to steal children like the old Celtic gods the Tuatha De Danann, and that there is never evidence left behind of these kidnappings. Though no one knows if the Slender Man eats his prey, absorbs them into his body, drinks their blood like a sanguinary vampire or just brings them to another plane of existence.

Now this all sounds horrible and terrifying, like an urban legend gone amok. Because that’s essentially what the Slender Man is. Rather than some horrible monster, terrible alien or a remnant of a pagan god the Slender Man began life on one of the forums at Something Awful. The forum topic was “paranormal picture,” and it was a Photoshop contest that took place in the summer of 2009. Victor Surge was the creator of the entry about the Slender Man, and it became so popular that he kept adding to the mythos, including various Photoshopped pictures. As the creator added more to the myth the Slender Man took on a life of its own, soon developing a fan following that included fan fiction (with its requisite Mary Sue characters), art and the requisite number of fluffy bunnies of a variety of new age faiths who claim to have seen or invoked the entity known as the Slender Man without actually checking the origins of the myth.

Ever since his popularity has reached the level of common knowledge the Slender Man has shown up in a variety of places. This includes Easter eggs in video games such as Mario Galaxy where you can seen beings that resemble the Slender Man in one of the levels watching you from a ledge. Much like other reports these beings are strange, alien and you can never get any closer to them and come back with your soul, mind and body intact

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