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Skip Supper to Lose Weight

Skip Supper to Lose Weight

Are you still struggling to lose those unwanted pounds, even though summer is here? Don’t worry. You can lose those unwanted pounds before the winter months just by skipping supper to lose weight. That’s right. If you skip supper, you can reduce your food intake and use that extra time you’d spend preparing/eating supper to get in some real exercise while the weather is still warm.

Don’t delay! Shed those unwanted pounds now so that you can fit into all your fun wintertime clothing. Just make sure that you don’t find those unwanted pounds again by settling into eating heavy, wintertime food. Remember, it’s easier to gain pounds than it is to lose them. Here are some helpful pointers to help you skip that supper meal you so look forward to in the evening:

Lose Weight

Change your thinking. Supper may have evolved into a source of comfort food for you, which is never good. Eating for comfort fails to serve a constructive purpose during any given time because it can become a habit, and habits are hard to break. You need to eat for energy, and do you really need to pack in all that energy before you go to bed? Likely not. Start thinking about emptying your fuel tank (your body) before you go to bed. You’ll likely sleep lighter and wake up feeling more energetic than you usually do.

Revise your habits. Don’t come into your house and automatically head for the kitchen. Instead, grab a book and relax for a moment or take the time to call a friend. Make sure that you don’t munch during the meantime. If you need to fix supper for your family, try to fix a meal that your family likes, but one that is not a favorite meal for you. This will help with the temptation of you picking at the food while you cook for your family. The idea is to make yourself feel as if you’re not missing out on anything.

Break a sweat. Walk in the evening. Getting out of the house can help you de-stress. Take in some fresh air and avoid the comfort food. Learn more here how to comfort yourself in different ways. You deserve a break just like everyone else, but the break doesn’t need to be food, so try to abandon this thinking. You can even put back the small amount of money that you save from what you don’t eat to help buy you a new outfit. Granted, it may take you awhile to save up the money, but it’ll also take awhile to lose the weight.

Spend your extra energy

Treat yourself. Skipping supper doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t have anything to soothe your hungry stomach. You do want to stay away from a meal that will just sit on your stomach, but you can have a cup of clear broth (beef, chicken, or vegetable). You can even have two. Broth is really low in calories. It’s like drinking a light soup. Too, you can have a dish of sugar-free Jello, which helps make you feel full without actually filling you up. So, drink your broth and depend on some family conversation.

Spend your extra energy. Eventually, you’ll find yourself losing weight and gaining extra energy. You’ll likely need less sleep and feel more energetic throughout the day. This is a good thing, so use this time and energy to accomplish the tasks that you cannot seem to find the time or energy to complete. Remember, the task doesn’t always have to be something that you need to do. Let the task sometimes be a task that you want to do. In short, treat yourself once in awhile.

*Eventually, you will see the pounds melt off your body.