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Review of Yeo Valley Organic Fruity Favourites Probiotic Yogurt

Review of Yeo Valley Organic Fruity Favourites Probiotic Yogurt

Yummy. If I had to sum up this entire article about Yeo Valley yogurts, I could do it with that one word. They are, quite simply, yummy.

Yeo Valley Organic is one of the best known organic companies in the UK, and it grew from a family farm. They are truly dedicated to producing high-quality products on organic farms using sustainable methods. They rebuild old buildings, replant indigenous trees and plants, and run their farms on green energy sources. They use natural farming methods, like planting clover among their grass, to avoid the need for fertilisers and other artificial products. Although best known for their dairy products, the farm also grows vegetables, and according to the back of the yogurt label, they even use “the organic wool from the sheep is dyed with natural colours and hand0knitted into Yeo Valley Organic sweaters and cardigans!”

Organic Fruity Favourites Probiotic Yogurt

So, I can buy their products knowing that the company has an ethos that I agree with. In addition to making a profit, they are also trying to be a good, green company.

The Yeo Valley Organic Fruity Favourites Probiotic Yogurt comes with four tubs of yogurt (125 g each). One each of the following flavours is included: strawberry, raspberry, apricot, and blackcurrant. All of the flavours are good. Even the strawberry, and I don’t normally like strawberry yogurt very much, actually tasted of real strawberries and I enjoyed it. That was the difference. All of the yogurts tasted like real fruit-not fruit flavouring and sugar, like many yogurts do. My favourite flavour, I think, is the blackcurrant. The yogurt is full of whole blackcurrants, and they explode with flavour on your tongue when you eat them. The tartness of the berries is a great contrast to the creamy, slightly sweet yogurt. (Surprisingly, this flavour somehow has more calcium in it than the others.) Each of the flavours, though, was good. The apricot was more delicate, and again very well balanced. Not only are each of the flavours done well, some of them were unexpected. Every yogurt company does strawberry, and most raspberry, but apricot and blackcurrant flavoured yogurts are rare, find more info.

If you like yogurt, try these! You can also buy larger tubs of the individual flavours. They are great for breakfast, as part of lunch, or just as a snack. They are also great made into frozen yogurt (and much healthier than home-made ice cream). To sum up: yummy. All this writing about them has made me hungry. Excuse me while I go eat another one.