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New Generation Mini Tank Electric Water Heater

New Generation Mini Tank Electric Water Heater – The HHP HH2.5

HHP is brand name of Home Heating Products Company. As the name suggests, HHP HH2.5 is just another version of electric water heaters produced by this Company located in Chattanooga, USA. This company manufactures wide variety of water heaters ranging from mini water heaters to very big tanks. It is very suitable for heater for houses, stores and small offices. It is a single supply application and can handle only one at a time. Its maximum temperature is 110 volts.

Special features of HHP HH2.5 mini tank electric water heater:

Special features of HHP HH2.5 mini tank electric water heater
  1. Gives plug in wired connection which is very supportive.
  2. Provide single inoculation function.
  3. Heating temperature varies from 60 degree to 120 degree.
  4. Its heating capacity is 1200 watts.
  5. Attractive in color-white color.

Advantages of HHP HH2.5 mini electric water heater tanks:

  1. Saves enough water: Fixing mini water heater below the sink stops wasting water in the form waiting for warm water.
  2. Saves energy: Eliminates long run wait for heat. Heats water instantly and saves power.
  3. Occupies limited space: HHP HH2.5 Mini electric water heater consumes limited space. Just install it in one end of room instead of going for larger space.
  4. Superior design quality: Type of heater sensor used inside is of good quality. The sensor heats water as soon as you switch on the heater. It has got glass wrinkled tank inside the tank. Incase of damage it provides quick recovery option.
  5. Small size: It occupies 2.5 gallons for one sink and 4 gallons for two sinks.
Additional applications of mini heater

Additional applications of mini heater:

It is mostly used in cottages and kitchenettes.
Most Commercial complexes and stores use mini electric water heater.
It can also be used for mobile homes, boats, restaurants and hotels.
Provides best service option.

Affordable price.

Sometimes choosing the best electric water heater is tedious job. HHP HH2.5 made it very easy by proving lots of options. All the companies who are providing this service are not recognized companies. So be careful while buying heaters from different companies. Check its available products list and then go for it. While choosing heater there are lots of options to be considered. Aware of oxidization and rust deposit problem. These two are major problems with any type of heater, know more.

Mini water heaters do their job by consuming electricity and heat the cold water. Remember the days of using cold water even in winter season? These are designed in such a way that it serves for longer period of time without any problem, while keeping the winters warm. Once you fix the tank no need to replace it again and again. Clean the inside tank occasionally so that you will get clean water. The life time of a heater depends upon how you maintain it.

Mini water heaters also called as compact water heaters because of its reduced space consumption. These are of great help most of times and economical as well. Always go for smooth handled and weight less mini tanks, because they are easy to carry and needs no additional support for transportation. Try buying a good heater which is having additional features for future purpose. Assurance of any product is important before buying it. So be careful in checking warranty card. Buy a heater of minimum six years warranty period.