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IT Service Management Moves to the Cloud

IT Service Management Moves to the Cloud

IT service is an important factor when you are doing business in the modern world. Specially today, when Covid and other diseases are at our doors. It’s a time when we cant even think about stepping outside of our homes. Governments have issued total lockdown in most countries. In such situations, without the help of the cyber world, you cant really communicate with the real world. So if you are doing a business and you need to communicate with your customers then its crucial for you to ensure that the IT part of your business is working perfectly. Here comes the importance of the IT support. You can hire an IT support provider who will manage the IT part of your business. Better hire a Cloud Based IT service because they are modern and updated. Today we will learn about a Cloud Based IT support.

Holland America Line became the latest company to make the move to cloud-based IT services this month, when they selected ServiceNow as their service automation provider .

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Making the move to cloud-based services instead of in-house IT management will help reduce the number of on-site IT systems and manual tasks. It will also save the company in both IT management costs and equipment costs.

Holland America is just the latest in a number of companies to choose cloud services for IT management. Last year, Equinix faced a similar problem and found the same answer.

Just since 2007, Equinix has expanded in Europe, the United States, Brazil and Hong Kong. The IT needs spread over 31 markets and utilized six different IT delivery systems to automate services. Most of these solutions were on-site,

With cloud services, companies can cut costs while improving their ability to adjust to changing conditions in the field. In addition, experienced cloud-based service management companies can sometimes find ways to automate services that were previously considered manual tasks. This is one of the goals of the partnership between ServiceNow and Holland America.

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IT service automation began in the 1990s with companies who offered individual service solutions. As these became more and more popular, there was a move to role all of the services into suites, but these were costly and still operated as separate tools in many cases.

Most cloud-based service management solutions cost between 50 and 75 percent of the cost of their on-site predecessors, according to an interview with Jack Probst published on . Probst serves as president-elect of Information Technology Service Management Forum USA.

There are also non-economic advantages of cloud managed services. The cloud model offers flexibility and upgrade-ability in ways never seen before in the field. As technology expands, the services offered can increase without adding the cost of investing in new equipment.