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How to Remove Odor From Car Seats

How to Remove Odor From Car Seats?

Car is the most expensive vehicle, to keep it in good condition and to protect performance it should be well cleaned and maintained properly. Car cleaning is not a simple process and if you found any odors in your car then you should get rid of it by using some tricks and techniques. Car seats are the main source where we get odor and dust often. There are many different techniques are available to remove odors from your car and car seat as well.

Cleaning car seat cover

Car seat covers often need to be cleaned well to maintain its freshness and look. It is easy to clean the car seats. There are many ways to clean the car seat cover based on the material.

•Remove the cloth upholstery or cover from the car seat and pat out of the dirt and dust.
•Covers can be cleaned by using detergent or mild shampoo in lukewarm water.
•To remove the soap from the cover rinse it with cold water
•Once it is dried, you can place the cover in the car seat.
•It is always suggested to use a vacuum to clean at least twice a month.

Use cleaners to remove odors from car seat

Bacteria will be formed if your car seat has a strong and bad odor. It is very important to remove the odor in order to kill the bacteria. There are some effective methods are to be followed to kill the bacteria. Some of the best methods are mentioned below in the article.

Using white vinegar

It is a simple and natural method to kill the bacteria and remove the odor. Take a spray bottle and mix one part of pure white vinegar and two parts of plain water and spray it on the car seats. For cloth upholstery, let the solution dry and for leather car seats, wipe off it after a few minutes. You can continue the process until the odor is completely removed.

Using enzyme digester

Using enzyme digester

For cloth seat cover, you can use any enzyme digesters which are easily available in pet aisle stores to remove any odor. You can just spray the solution on the car seat and let it dry. But this method is not suggested for a leather car seat, which kills leather too while killing bacteria.

Using leather cleaner

For leather seat cover, leather cleaners can be used to clean where most of the surface odors can be removed.

Using steam cleaning

By using steam cleaning, both leather and cloth seat covers can be removed by bacteria which causes odors.

In addition to this, some deodorizers also used to remove strong odors from the car seat. If your car seat odor has not been removed by any of the methods then you can go for Car Odor Removal Services which are available in the market. The experts and professionals help you to remove any kind of odors easily with their specialized devices and services.