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How to Make a Volleyball Team

How to Make a Volleyball Team

Volleyball is one of the most popular sports in USA. So you are a fan of volleyball team? Then you should read the article if you regularly play this great game in your school, college or university and searching for how to make a great team to win the next volleyball game. Great Tips on how to make a school or club volleyball team!

I know out of anyone that making a good volleyball can be difficult sometimes. I started when I was in 8th grade and in Southern California that’s considered “late” to start. But I have worked hard and with these tips they will help you make a great team. These tips are referring to during the time of tryouts.

good volleyball can be difficult

1) Fundamentals. Make sure that you know how to do the basics: pass, set, hit, serve.

2) Serving. When trying serving in tryouts, don’t attempt to jump serve unless you can actually do it. If you jump serve and you don’t know how to this will look bad!

3)Always shag! Coaches love team members who help shag and contribute. This also means that its good to run when it’s a water break.

4) Take ANY position. Most people prefer to play the position that they always play(for example setter, OH, opposite, MB, DS ect). However coaches like to see that players can play any position. If during tryouts they are short of a middle back and you can pass decent then volunteer to play that position during the tryouts. Remember that they have your information and know what position you really play so you’ll get to play that during the season.

season. 5) Be Encouraging and Loud: Remember ALWAYS CALL THE BALL. Coaches don’t like players who aren’t loud on the court or ones that are not cheering for other players. When your playing be loud and talk! If you’re a quiet person that’s ok, just don’t be in volleyball.

any one else except for your team and playing

6)Don’t be self conscious: This is huge! When your playing don’t worry about any one else except for your team and playing. Forget about all the people on the side lines or watching you. They don’t matter! This also brings up the point that volleyball is physical but is also a very mental game. So always stay concentrated.

I hope that these simple tips help you with your tryouts. Stay calm and concentrate get a good night sleep. Good Luck!!