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How to Lose Weight Fast

How to Lose Weight Fast!

Everyone wants to look good! Not only does losing weight raise your self-esteem, it also helps you to be healthier! Studies show that people who have a higher BMI (body mass index) are more likely to have obesity-associated diseases. Other risk factors that occur when people are overweight or obese are an increased risk for high blood pressure, high blood glucose which could lead to diabetes, as well as the risk of premature heart disease. These reasons along with many others are great reasons to lose weight! So here are some great tips on how to shed those extra pounds!

Make Exercise a Normal Part of Your Routine – It’s important to know that you must expend more energy than what you consume. A pound is a total of 3,600 calories. So in order to lose one pound, you have to burn more calories and eat less. Working out is a great way to shed those extra calories! Just walking briskly for 10 minutes sheds 100 calories! Instead of sitting around on your lunch break, take a walk! Instead of watching TV all night, take a ride on a bike through your neighborhood! Every little bit helps!

Lose Weight Fast

Eat Less and More Often – Ok, here’s the thing. Eating 3 times a day isn’t the best thing for you! People end up eating more at meals when they only have 3 times a day to eat. Instead try eating 5-6 small meals a day. For breakfast, have a bowl of oatmeal. Not only is it heart healthy, it is low in calories! At 10 am, have an apple as a snack! Not only will it help to fill you up, they only have 100 calories! For lunch, eat a turkey wrap with lettuce and tomatoes and not a lot of dressing! For a beverage, go with water or some low calorie drink. Try to stay away from soda! As a mid-afternoon snack, have a granola bar. And for dinner, just remember not to overdo it! A grilled piece of chicken has lots of protein and low calories. And for the sides, try a fresh salad and a vegetable, like green beans or corn. Balancing what you eat and how many times you eat during the day is a sure way to shed some calories as well as boost your metabolism!

Drink More Water! – Water is what helps to sustain life! Water is necessary to live! Don’t you think you should be drinking more of it! Soda hydrates you half as much as water and has about 175 calories in each can, not to mention all of the carbohydrates! Water has no calories and will hydrate you! Drinking more water has been proven to aid in weight loss! Not only will water cut those calories, if you drink a glass of water every couple of hours, it will help you to feel fuller throughout the day. So the next time you are reaching for that can of soda in the fridge, resist the temptation and drink that water knowing how much it is going to achieve that goal of losing weight!

Obesity has been an ever-growing problem in the world. Going on a diet and losing weight will help you to become a healthier and happier person! It will make you feel better about yourself and want to stay that way! So follow these tips and get on the way to a new you! Good luck!