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How to Hide Whatsapp App on Android

How to Hide Whatsapp App on Android

You all are well aware of Whatsapp. It is fast and straightforward to use a social media platform that makes our life easy than other social media platforms.

What do you need? Just install the app from Google play store and register with your number to start connecting with friends and family members all around the world.

No doubt it makes things simple, and there are more than 1 billion users of this app, but very few know about its splendid features.

You can use Whatsapp for any purpose such as for chat with your friends, sharing documents with colleagues, and chat with your loved ones.

The most important thing that everybody wants is privacy; everybody wants to keep his things secret. You can do it easily on other social media accounts, but how you can hide Whatsapp?

It seems not possible for us to every time delete app every time and re-install. So how is it possible to hide the Whatsapp from others without deleting?

Do not worry, we have a solution for you and will help you about how to hide the WhatsApp app on android.

Steps to Hide Whatsapp App on Android:

Steps to Hide Whatsapp App on Android

There are simple steps that you need to make changes in the settings, and you can make hide your WhatsApp app on the android main screen without deleting.

Step 1:

First of all, you need to silence your WhatsApp. There is no option in the app, but it is possible. You should make your own silence tune and set this tune for WhatsApp notifications.

Step 2:

Now enter into setting of your android phone, and while you enter in the app settings there, you will find the list of installed apps. Select WhatsApp by clicking and disable its notifications.

Step 3:

Now follow this simple step open WhatsApp setting, go to its notification and set light. Here you need to select the none option. While you have chosen the non-option, you can remove the WhatsApp shortcut icon from the screen of your android phone.

Step 4:
In the next step, you go to the general settings of your mobile phone. Here you will find apps list, open WhatsApp. While you click on WhatsApp there a screen opens where you will find an option of force to stop.

Click on the force to stop and then disable the background data, and after that, you need to revoke all permissions for your WhatsApp app.

Step 5:
In the last check your WhatsApp by sending messages from your friend mobile. You will find that no messages or anything appears until you go by yourself and open the app.
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Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts:

Whatsapp is the most popular, easy on the pocket and fastest social media platform to connect with your friends loved one and colleagues.

But there are no options to keep your app activities secrete. So, here we have provided you with some tricks that will help you to keep your Whatsapp activities hidden without logging out or uninstall the app.

We hope you have learnt from our article how to hide the WhatsApp app on android.