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How to Change your IP address

How to Change your IP address?

There can be several reasons due to which people might want to change their IP address. When you aren’t able to connect to any network due to another device that uses your IP address, then you might need to change it. The IP address which tries to make a connection is on the network already and therefore, it won’t even realize that the second product is connecting but this happens in the case of a router. If you find that your IP address has got a behavior which bans an email server or website, then you can change your IP address to prevent that ban.

If you are wondering, “how do I know what ip address to use”, then you shouldn’t worry much about it. The IP address provided to your device will work fine and if you want to change it, then you have to use the IP address changing tool. If someone has used your IP address to spread malware or spam mails, then it can have a brutal effect on other websites. When this happens, if you will try to use inappropriate websites. If you will use your website to visit naughty websites, then your website can send spams to other people whenever you send out emails to them.

Changing the IP address

Changing the IP address

If you have got a dynamic IP address, then it can be changed on its own. You won’t have to do any efforts and the IP address will be changed without any difficulty. Most of the people have got a dynamic IP address and one should keep changing the IP addresses from time to time to prevent any troubles. After knowing how do I know what ip address to use, you should learn to change the IP address on your own, visit here

• The simplest way to change the dynamic address if by changing your public and private IP addresses on the network. This can be possible if you will restart your router once because it can change your IP address whenever it is turned off.

• You can also check your present IP address as it can help you to confirm if the IP address has been changed. If it hasn’t changed even after turning off the router, then you need to wait for five to ten minutes after switching off the router. You can plug it back after a few minutes and then it will be changed.

• If this method doesn’t work, then you can also take the help of technical support to know more about the details to change the IP address. Remember that you shouldn’t share your IP address with anyone.

The people who want to change the IP address of their Macbook can follow the simple steps. You just need to choose the apple icon given in corner of the screen and go to system preferences. After this, you will get options about IP address and you can click on it. To make changes, you just need to edit it and confirm the final ID address.