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How Much does Terrazzo Floor Cost

How Much does Terrazzo Floor Cost?

If you haven’t noticed that terrazzo floors are having a moment, then that probably means you are not as obsessed about flooring as we are at Home Flooring Pros. actually, it’s a source of much fascination to us here that this fantastically versatile flooring product ever went out of fashion. It’s been around for ages examples of terrazzo flooring have even been discovered in ancient Egyptian mosaics and have been used for centuries across the globe. Its more modern incarnation is generally attributed to eightieth century Venice, where it was used to decorate workers’ homes a cheaper alternative to marble. Terrazzo reached the height of its popularity in 20th century Europe, again due to its relative low cost, during the post-war reconstruction. The nineteen twenties also saw useful advances in technology that brought better tools and production methods, making terrazzo flooring and terrazzo tile a popular choice, where it was used to create upmarket art deco and modern designs.

What are the Colors Available in the Terrazzo Floor Tiles?

What are the Colors Available in the Terrazzo Floor Tiles

Homeowners were much more affluent and had access to more choice; terrazzo lost its popularity as carpeting, hardwood and porcelain tile took precedence. Terrazzo flooring then became most commonly used for commercial and institutional spaces, where you’re still most likely to see it in abundance today. However, in the past few years, designers are beginning to see the potential of terrazzo and have more concern on the colors and designs of the terrazzo, an alternative that nevertheless has the same streamlined minimalism of concrete, but with added texture and interest in its profile. Terrazzo has plenty of colors and designs to attract a variety of customers. So if you’re into sleek, unfussy but interesting flooring, then terrazzo might just be the flooring you’re looking for. Also, refer here to see plenty of colors and types of terrazzo.

What is Terrazzo Tile?

Terrazzo is known as a construction material made by combining chips of aggregates such as marble or stone with either concrete or epoxy-resin. Depending on the types of materials used to construct the buildings, the terrazzo can be used both indoors and outdoors. Terrazzo is either poured or fixed on the floor like concrete in situ. There is a style of encaustic cement tile called Granite, that is made using a similar technique as terrazzo, and which is often, therefore, referred to as terrazzo tile. Terrazzo tiles are also available, either in mono-color blocs, or like these encaustic cement versions, also known as Granite.

The Terrazzo’s Different Types and Installation

The Terrazzo’s Different Types and Installation

There are several different options when considering terrazzo. The concrete material can be pigmented, allowing for a limitless range of color options, and other interesting aggregates can be used such as chips of glass, metal, mother of pearl or abalone shells. Also, contemporary terrazzo designers are now pushing the boundaries of which aggregates can be used, and indeed creating terrazzo flooring that features extra-large chips orchards of aggregate mixed in to make a great effect ideal.