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Great Bangle Bracelets for Any Occasion

Great Bangle Bracelets for Any Occasion

Jewelry can make or break an outfit. Most people think of pretty necklaces or fancy earrings but how about a great set of bangles. The bangle is making quite the comeback in terms of jewelry. Now with beaded sets becoming more and more popular, there are a lot of options to choose from including traditional silver and gold, special shapes including square and gorgeous colors to name just a few.

Here are some fairly inexpensive bangles that can help give your attire a completed and classic look.

Sterling Silver Oval Bangle Bracelet – Macy’s
This bracelet is a simple sterling silver oval shape (the outside looks almost like a slightly rounded square). It is clean looking and can be worn with jeans or dressed up. The width is approximately 5mm making it a nice size without being overdone. It is regularly priced at $150 but does go on sale quite often. The price might seem like a lot but considering how often it can be worn it is well worth the money.

Great Bangle Bracelets

Multi-Gem Bangle Bracelets In Sterling Silver – Ross-Simons
Pretty and dainty sterling silver bracelets with an accented gem with five different stones including garnet, peridot, blue topaz, white topaz and amethyst give this bracelet enough color. They can be worn as a single bangle or with any combination of the five. For $126, this bangle set is pretty and worth of its price.

Alex and Ani Textured Bangle Bracelet Set – Saks Fifth Avenue
This bracelet is gold in tone and has a unique style. There are seven bangles and according to the website has a “patented sliding mechanism that adjusts each bangle for a perfect fit”. This is another bangle that can be worn dressed up or dressed down. For $78, you can have yourself a great goldtone bracelet.

Candie’s Jet-Tone Beaded Bangle Bracelet Set – Kohl’s
For only $20, this black bangle set is perfect with jeans or dressed up like the others. Some of the bangles are plain black while the others have a pretty diamond shape made from clustered beads.

Bangle Bracelets

Swarovski Double Beaded Swarovski Crystallized™ Bangle – Sears
By far the fanciest, this bangle is also the most expensive on the list at $260. It is a pretty 14K yellow gold bracelet with two balls of Swarovski crystal balls at the two ends that meet. It is very pretty and likely will not be worn as much as the first four due to the level of dress it portrays.

So there you have it, five very different but very pretty bangle bracelets to liven up an outfit without completely breaking the bank.