Detox Your Body 101

Detox Your Body 101

Did you make a new year’s resolution to lose weight? Are you just looking to do a little spring cleaning with your body? Detoxing is the most essential way to ensure years of good health and longevity. Here are a few things you can do to detox those extra pounds off for the New Year.

What is Detox?

What is Detox

Detox is a process of getting the impurities out of your body. As humans who consume many types of products such as meat with antibiotics and fillers, to vitamins and minerals. What we do not think about most often are the chemicals we come into contact with that may cause us harm. The pesticides that are sprayed on fruits and vegestables is an example of a variety of chemicals we come into contact with that are absorbed into our bodies, find more about this.

Most people will use an over the counter aide to assist them in this process only when they experience an issue such as constipation, but there are very common ways to clean your system without the use of pharmacuticals and with items you have around your home or naturally with herbs.


Have you taken a vow to not eat for a few days? Fasting not only cleanses the mind, it also cleanses the body. If you can do your everyday activities without eat food, you are performing system maintenance on your body. You can easily get through your fasting goals by simply drinking liquids. Lots of water and teas are very common to consume during fasting. If you are unable to commit to not eating anything you might want to consider eating a few items such as nuts, raisins and fruit juice. They’ll give you the protein, carbohydrates for energy to finish the process and will aide and assist in the cleansing process.

No Meat Please

You may not be able to perform a liquid diet, but most people will eat vegetables. Many choose to eat just salads and vegetables a few times a year to clean their bodies because you can eat as much as you want and it’s extremely beneficial for you. Anytime you can eat raw, fresh foods, it gives the body a boost of nutrients are naturally found within the fruits and vegetables without needing supplements to replace what you have not eaten. Green leafy vegetables are best but eaten raw or cooked, they have a natural fiber which acts as a broom to the inside walls of our colon to clean any left over fecal matter from our bodies.

If you are a meat eater and just can’t do any of the steps above, here are a few products that will clean your system naturally.

Tiao He

Tiao He

Sometimes we need a little help with cleansing our bodies, that’s when a good colon cleanser is needed. If you are a big red meat eater, cleaning your colon is essential since it takes red meat approximately seven to nine years to putrefy and leave the body. There is approximately 20 pounds of food and debris left in our colon. If we continue to let it sit on our colon walls, we will develop Colon Cancer. Tiao He is a product developed by Natures Sunshine, anatural supplemental company that produces some of the best high grade supplements on the market.

Of course you can get a cleanser that costs $5.00 at the local pharmacy but what makes Tiao He so different is the fact that the 15 day system not only cleanses the colon; it is an all cell detox as well as it being able to clean several other organs.

All cell is important for those of us who have never cleansed our systems. After a period of not cleaning our system properly, the debris and chemicals so prevalent within our bodies become part of our cells. If our cells are carrying around this debris, it is a major sign that our kidney and liver are not filtering the blood and debris out as much as it should. If our liver and kidney are not performing at its peak, it has been overwhelmed with debris itself, which can lead to a shut down of our organs.

Included in the Tiao He system are herbs that will aide and assist you in cleaning your kidneys, liver, colon, lymph nodes and cells. For a price of about $25.00 to $45.00, it’s truly the best formula to clean all of your organs at once on the market. This 15 day system allows its user to take two packets of the herbal combination at least twice a day; that’s it. If you can take ten pills a day and drink plenty of water, you have successfully completed the program. Although it is not a requirement, if you cut out eating red meat and eat lots of vegetables, you will see a greater result when the two week period is over. The only side effect to taking this 15 day system is you will lose up to 20 pounds in fecal matter which should make the average person have a bowel movement at least three times a day. If your goal is to detox to lose weight, or just for system maintenance, this is the product for you. I don’t know of any other detox formula on the market today that will not only get rid of the impurities within your system and help you lose as much weight as Tiao He within such a short period. It truly is the Cadillac of detox formulas.

If you are seeking to cleanse your body of harmful chemicals you come into contact with everyday such as pesticides on the foods or chemicals in your work or home environment, a great way to detox naturally is to use baking soda. 16 ounces of baking soda added to your bath water for a period of ten days will pull the impurities out of the body. While it may not help you cleanse your colon, it is a great way to get rid of the surface impurities or any other kind of impurities that the body has absorbed through its longest organ, your skin. You should notice that taking a bath in baking soda in water as hot as you can stand it, will bring about a sauna like experience where you are sweating continuously. The body way to get rid of impurities naturally is to sweat it out. Using baking soda is also a great way to get rid of common colds are other viruses as it works the same way, sweating it out of your system at a rapid rate. The only side effect you’ll experience when using baking soda is soft skin. Not only does it purifies your body, it also purifies the water your taking your bath in, making hard water turn exceptionally soft. Using baking soda is a great economical way to cleanse your skin and get rid of surface debris.

Detoxing is a easy way to get rid of unwanted pounds as well as give your body a chance to cleanse itself from the everyday consumption of foods and chemicals we come into contact with. Most of us detox as the seasons change each year, four times a year to ensure our bodies are performing at peak standards and for overall health. If you are looking to get rid of a few extra pounds, use these simple techniques such as fasting, eating vegetables, taking Tiao He or a combination of all of the above. You’ll feel great and will lose the weight.