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Climate Project Offers Global Warming Solutions

Climate Project Offers Global Warming Solutions: A Social Networking Project to Solve Environmental Issues

The Nashville, Tenessee-based nonprofit organization The Climate Project claims volunteers in the U.S., England, Spain, India, Canada, and Australia number over 15,000. They were trained to speak and present the Gore, An Inconvenient Truth slide show. The Project projects that 4,000,000 people worldwide have seen the presentation. Also, presenters are taught to educate, promote interest, and present solutions before audiences for solving the climate crisis.

Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth Support Speech for Barack Obama

Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth Support Speech for Barack Obama

On the night of the Democratic Convention, August 28, 2008, Gore said that the inconvenient truth is that we are sending billions of dollars to foreign countries for oil, and the money falls into the hands of countries that support terrorism. He said the U.S. must switch to clean energy renewables to replace our dependence on foreign oil. The goal is to accomplish this within 10 years.

The Climate Project Staff Support Clean Renewable Energy

The TCP Staff apply their academic and business skills to keep the project going and growing.

The following staff names are listed with their full credentials on the project website.

  • Executive Director is Jenny Clad, a lawyer, consultant, lecturer & tutor.
  • Sabrina Cowden is Director of Partnership Relations with a background in human resources and communications.
  • Alex Carey is Communications Manager with a BA in American Studies from Cornell and MFA in Creative Writing.
  • The Executive Coordinator is Katy Valesky, with BA in Psychology from Emory.
  • Marisa Hackemann is the Event & Logistics Coordinator with a History Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Joylette Portlock is the Presenter Community Manager with a Ph.D.and biology background.
  • Jeremy Richardson is the Science Advisor, a physicist with a NASA background.

GreenNexxus Social Networking with TCP

The Climate Project teamed with the ControllingChange social networking website. The organization is providing the opportunity for people “to share, publish, and contribute green knowledge with the purpose of reducing our collective environmental impact.” The opportunity is offered free of any charge.

Gore Criticized For Lack of Wind Energy & Solar Energy Details

The Next Big Future website is criticizing Al Gore for lack of clean energy details, but defend Gore’s electricity plan saying, “…the goal of complete decarbonizing of United States electrical generation… excessive focus on electrical generation…Gore does not address air pollution the most important issue…displacing oil with electricity for heating would be raising the bar [wind energy electrical generation requires more output per KWH than oil generated electricity] on the amount of clean electricity…it [wind energy] is the [overall] better strategy.” The Climate Project is one of Gore’s several projects. The TCP site contains the An Inconvenient Truth presentation schedule, news about climate changes, project news and events, an opportunity to request a presenter, and appeals to the public to join and donate.