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Car Insurance Premiums

3 Ways for Californian Drivers to Lower Their Car Insurance Premiums

It can be tough being a driver in California. For one thing, you’ve got to avoid a lot more crazy people, especially around LA, and those dudes with the signs. Oh, and you’ve got anti-steering bills and other elements that can jack up the cost of car insurance. Luckily, if you’re a Californian driver, you likely live around a lot of insurance companies, and there’s a lot you can do to limit what you’re paying. Here’s a look at some ways that Californian drivers can lower their car insurance payments.

Car Insurance

1. Look around. This one’s kind of obvious, but it’s a good starting point–you need to look around and get more than a few quotes. The Internet makes this easy. Search online for car insurance rate comparison websites, and take a look at what you could expect to pay from a few of the major insurers out there. It’s also beneficial to call a few companies in your immediate area for rates. Have your driving record ready, and look at liabilities (we’ll get a bit more into this in a second).

2. Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. You can really help your car insurance premiums drop by engaging in face to face and over the phone negotiations with insurers, pointing to things like your driving record and the rates of other companies (especially if you’ve got them in print) to negotiate lower insurance rates. You don’t need to be really insistent, though if you’re a California driver you’re probably used to minor confrontations–they’ll want to win you as a customer or keep your business. Remember to go back to your current car insurer if you’ve got one with the best rate you can find. It’s a good idea to avoid switching insurance companies if possible, as the added time with the company will be beneficial in future negotiations.

3. Look at liability. According to, you’ll need $15,000 in bodily injury up to $30,000 per accident. This is based on a two person crash–you may want more insurance than this, especially if you drive around with a lot of people in your car, carpool, etc. You’re also required to have $5,000 of personal property damage insurance, and again, this can be increased. If you’re currently being covered for huge liabilities, you might decrease them if you’re a very careful driver who only commutes to work, or if you don’t drive that much in general. This lowers your premiums. Try to figure out the liability coverage that you need before you head into your insurer’s office.

Are you a Californian driver? Share any tips on lowering premiums in the comments section below.

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