Bit-x Trading Commissions

Bit-x Trading Commissions – User Guide

There are two types of commissions in bit-x that the clients pay when participating in trading:

  • transaction commission;
  • trading commission;

Transaction commission equals 0,02% from the sum of the order at the moment of order creation and is withdrawn at the moment of order activation. The necessity of this commission is determined by the possibility of unfunded orders creation in bit-x. Transaction commission is not refunded in case the order is cancelled by the client.

Bit-x Trading

Trading commission is withdrawn from the wallet at the moment when the order meets its corresponding orders. It constitutes to 0,2% from the sum of the order. Trading commission at the moment of creation and activation of the order can differ from the trading commission at the moment of complete or partial closure of the order since it depends on the order’s exchange rate. For example, if the order was closed at a lower exchange rate than the rate at the moment of its activation, the order sum and the commission will be lower.

Transaction commission and trading commission are added to the order sum and get withdrawn from the wallet, chosen by the client during the order creation as the wallet of payment (field From Wallet).

The values of the commissions to be paid can be seen in the section Order Details in the form for order creation. At the change of the values in the fields of the form, the commissions’ values are automatically changed as well.

Commission values for open and closed orders can be seen in the tab Orders in the user account if to click yuanpayteam with the order in question.