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Best Natural Foods To Control Blood Clot

Best Natural Foods To Control Blood Clot

Blood is the main source of human life. To live a healthy life, proper blood flow is most needed in your body. Inadequate blood circulation may cause various health problems. If any clot occurs in the blood then it would be a serious threat. Blood clot becomes very dangerous when the blood vessel is completely broken. Also if the blood not able to dissolve even after stopping the bleeding in a broken blood vessel. But sometimes it also acts as a protective body from losing too much of blood.

Foods To Control Blood Clot

By maintaining proper and healthy body weight and exercising regularly helps to reduce the body’s capability to form a blood clot. If you feel any numb feeling in your legs, do wait to see any changes like reddish spots or swellings, then it might be a blood clot. Avoiding to have long travel by sitting in a same place without moving to any other place makes easy to flow blood in all parts of body particularly in legs. Moving your body parts and making some activity without being idle for every 2 hours helps to improve blood circulation and flow will be good as well. Smoking also leads to blood clot, avoiding it is much better. If persons having high risk of blood clot, then it is advisable to wear stockings.

With the help of our natural food we can control this blood clot. What foods prevent blood clot? Let’s see this in detail, all kind of spices include ginger, onion, garlic, cinnamon, turmeric, chilly, pepper which contains salicylate helps to control blood clots. Salicylates are the main content which helps, in some of the fruits like oranges, blueberries, strawberries and raisin. Fish is the important natural food helps for controlling, particularly fish which contain rich fatty acid omega3. By taking all these food at least once in a week really gives relief from blood clots.

If your daily diet consists of greasy or oily food, then you might be consuming excess fat which should be completely avoided. Instead of that you can take coconut oil, butter, virgin palm and olive oil which has good fats and essential nutrients in it. Including omega 3 rich fatty acids plays a very important role and flax seeds has rich contents of omega3. If you like to go for any medicines then you can refer which has the property to prevent blood clot. But it is always advisable to consult any doctor before taking any kind of medicines for the first time.

Best Natural Foods

Also you need to check whether the medicine will cause any side effects, and all other important factors like dosage, number of times taken and list of components present in it also have to check properly. Regular and proper healthy diet makes you healthy and prevent from all kind of disease for life time. So, always it is necessary to have a nutritious and healthy diet to avoid any healthy issues for a long life period.