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Back to School 2021 Haircuts

Back to School 2021 Haircuts; Ways to Get Them Free or Cheap

It’s back to school 2021 haircut time. When it comes to haircuts most parents either try to find the cheapest deal around or experiment on their own. When experimenting with a new style on your child right before school it could end up in a disaster. Why not look for ways to get free or cheap cuts done by someone who knows what they are doing?

Being a professional beautician for many years, I always give great deals and offer various options, especially when it comes time for special occasions such as back to school, prom, wedding, or just because.

Right now many families are on a tight budget with the way our economy is. If you cut hair at home or own a salon give your clients some kind of a deal. Tell them for every customer they bring to you they will get half off their next cut. Trust me, I know this sounds like a lot off, but by gaining more customers it definitely pays in the end.

If you are a parent looking for ways to cut down the cost of a haircut follow these super ideas.

Search For A New Salon

Search For A New Salon

I know to some this sounds quite scary. Why would you look for a hair salon that just opened up? You know nothing about the clientele, employers, or prices, but I can almost guarantee you the prices of a haircut will be way cheaper than a salon who has been in business for more than 1-2 years.

When I first opened up my salon my price for a haircut was only $10-$15 dollars. Where I was located the other salon prices ranged anywhere from $25-$70 just for a cut. Knowing how cheap we were, this brought in clients from everywhere. By the time my salon was there 6 months the clientele was phenomenal to the point we had to turn some walk ins away. Then after one year I shortly started increasing the prices little by little.

Search For New Beginners At Your Salon Of Choice

Each salon is different. In most cases you will have the opportunity to choose from a stylist, junior stylist, master stylist, or senor stylist. The difference between them all is the experience they have in the field of cutting, perming, coloring etc. But don’t allow yourself to feel just because you go with a senior stylist your cut will be much better than the regular stylist, find more info.

Everyone’s talent and techniques are so different. A regular stylist cut might cost you $15 and a senior might cost you $25. However, both cuts can come out the same if not better by the regular stylist.

Search Online For Beauticians Looking For Models

Do the right research. Go to all of the salons in your area, search the classifieds, and even websites such as Craigslist. Ask when they will be looking for models for certain haircuts, color, perms, etc. Ask if they will need a model for a new style for back to school. A majority of salons always have someone who is looking to create more trends, and need that one certain guinea pig to work on. Allow yourself a sufficient enough of months to get use to the new look.

Get A Free Haircut By Donating Your Locks

A percentage of salons throughout the world will automatically either give you a free haircut or a cheap cut if you cut off your length and donate it to help children or adults in need. One of the top places is called Locks Of Love. Read all about their policy right here titled How To Recycle Hair; Donate Your Hair To Help A Child In Need.

One more tip, which could possibly gain you a cheap haircut is to go on either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. These are the days where the salons are much slower, and could use the money for end of the week supplies needed or salaries.