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Autumn Meditations

Autumn Meditations: Meditation For Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving

Autumn is a time to cool down after a hot summer. It gives people a chance to appreciate the beauty of nature when autumn leaves turn different colors and gracefully fall down from the trees. It also offers the opportunity for certain types of meditations.

Fall Meditations

Fall Meditations

Fall meditations are about discovering beauty, being playful, and giving thanks for the blessings in life. To begin any of the following meditations, find a quiet place to sit, while keeping the back erect. After closing your eyes, start taking deep, meditative breaths. Each of these meditations can be as long or short as desired, visit this web-site.

Autumn Leaves Meditation

Take a walk outside and collect some leaves that have fallen. Try to find leaves of different textures, sizes, and colors. For this meditation, begin by focusing on the colors of the leaves. How does each color make you feel? Run your fingers over each leaf and focus on the sensation in your fingertips.

Think of the warm colors of the leaves. Imagine what it would feel like to take a large armful of leaves, scatter them up in the air and have them fall down all around you. Imagine the heat of the sun caressing you while the leaves are falling. When finished with this meditation, take a few minutes to take it all in before continuing with your day.

Halloween Meditation

Initially it may sound silly to meditate on Halloween, but, the following meditation is designed for creativity, fun, and to make a person feel good. Begin by creating Halloween scenes in your mind. Make them cartoonish. (You don’t want to visualize anything scary.) Imagine funny looking jack-o’-lanterns or Casper like ghosts flying by. Remember to keep it playful.

Now, think back to a happy Halloween memory when you were a kid. Maybe there was a particular year that was your favorite Halloween or perhaps remembering going door to door and getting tons of candy might bring a smile to your face. Try to remember as many details as possible. Allow yourself to feel the happiness this brings. When finished meditating, try to bring this happiness with you for the rest of the day.

Thanksgiving Meditation

Thanksgiving is a time when people reflect on all of the good things they have in their lives and show thanks. For this meditation, think about all the things you are thankful for. If you believe in God or some kind of higher power, take a moment to say a prayer of thanks. Not only does this allow you to show your appreciation, it allows you to get closer to spirit.

Autumn meditations allow for creativity, well-being, and gratitude. They get the opportunity to appreciate nature, bring back happy memories, and allow a person to appreciate what they have.