8 Creative Ways to Practice Golf at Home

8 Creative Ways to Practice Golf at Home

Golf is a game that sparks the imagination and fuels dreams. Whether you’re imagining yourself on the links, or envisioning your name engraved on a trophy, golf can be an immensely rewarding sport for anyone who tries it. One way you can practice at home is by drawing a makeshift putting green in your living room or backyard and using household items for obstacles and targets. This way, with some creativity, you’ll be able to practice your swing with no pressure or commit a great deal of time to the game.

Today, I will discuss the top 8 ways you can practice your golf game at home. Try them out for yourself and get a perfect score!

1. Mow the Yard Like a Golf Course

One of the best ways to practice your game at home is by creating little golf holes in your yard or living room. Set up a few different obstacles around the putting green, such as trees and flowerpots, then aim for them with whatever equipment you have available. For example, if you only have a baseball bat at home, try setting up your little course outside and use it to hit balls into the makeshift holes. You can even make your golf tee and putting on the ground to further simulate an actual golf course.

This is a great way to practice at home when you can’t get out to the driving range or local golf course, but it’s also beneficial for some of the finer aspects of your swing such as club selection and aiming. It takes some time and creativity to set up these holes, but they’re worthwhile.

2. Practice Using a Few Different Clubs

Practice Using a Few Different Clubs

If you have a fairly long putting green in your backyard or living room, you can use it to practice with a few different clubs. With basic skills and the right amount of space, you can easily practice your short game by hitting a few shots with a wedge or gap between obstacles.

3. Get Creative With Your Greens

If you want to add some basic obstacles to your indoor golf course, consider using things like furniture and boxes for a more customized experience. For example, if your living room is pretty bare, you can move couches and chairs around to simulate fairway bunkers or other obstacles. If you have a simple table with chairs in front of it, you can create a water hazard by placing some boxes or wood pieces on top.

4. Roll Out a Putting Green

If you have a large, empty area in your living room or backyard (like an extra bedroom), consider rolling out the putting green. You can either buy a cheap, 6’x4′ green from your local golf retailer or make your own using a piece of carpeting and some scissors. Either way, you can take the rug or carpet out to your backyard or living room and use it as an indoor green!

5. DIY Golf Mats

If you want a more realistic practice experience, but have little space to dedicate to a full-on putting green, consider making your own mini putting green by cutting out some pieces of cardboard. Place them inside a small box, like a shoebox or milk carton, and use tape to keep them in place. When you’re ready to play, remove the pieces out of the box to create a putting surface and take it to your backyard.

6. Practice on the Couch

Practice on the Couch

If you don’t have a large enough space for a full putting green, you can still set up a small green or two inside on your couch. With some creativity and some tape, you can set up two fairly large putting greens on your couch to practice from the comfort of your living room. This is a great way to get out in front of the TV to see Ryder Cup golf 2021 live stream and relax while simultaneously spending time to practice your golf game.

7. Take the Green Indoors

This next idea is for those of you who have a tiny living space, or just don’t want to make the commitment to starting an outdoor golf practice. Consider setting up your putting green on a bed and taking it with you to work, the bathroom, or anywhere else you like. Bring down the old green from mom’s attic or find the plastic one from your college days to practice from the comfort of wherever you decide to set up camp.

8. Build Your Own Golf Board Game

If you’re completely committed to your golf game and want to have a more active role in the teaching process, consider using something like The Golf Board Game to practice your golf skills in a more fun and interactive way. This is an excellent game for learning everything from sand shots to approach shots, as well as taking your quick game to a new level.

Final Words

Golf is a challenging game to learn, but with the right practice tools and some creativity, it can be done. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 minutes or an hour per day there are plenty of ways for you to improve your skills at home. To help get started we compiled these 8 creative ways that golfers around the world use in their homes every single day. Which one will work best for you?